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3.3 Million Credit Card

NAJIB RAZAK has claimed that the did not want to use public funds to buy this huge “present” for an Arab politician and so used his own credit card to do so. How high minded of him! It is not every day that foreign politicians get presents of this size from Malaysian politicians. In fact that never happens except when mega crook Najib is involved. What is more Najib still has not explained what the Arab recipient of his personal largesse had done to justify it.

And while he is at it he might also explain how a Malaysian politician with no acknowledged assets beyond his official salary could have a credit card limit of at least 4 million ringgit. Credit card company bosses are not fools and they do NOT risk default on that scale unless they are completely satisfied about the assets of a cardholder. So how did Najib manage to get a card with that enormous limit? In fact it is maybe time for the credit card company to state publicly what its actual limit was/is. If only to avoid looking like credulous fools or, worse, accomplices.

It says a great deal about BN and its money politics that its leaders could get away with behaviour of this kind for so long. Credit card companies should become more open or, if they cannot or will not, legislation should be introduced to make that possible.

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