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A Criminal Whinges To The Press?

A Singapore newspaper has published what it states is the substance of an interview with wanted alleged criminal Jho Low.

The paper did not see fit to disclose where and how the interview took place nor where this wanted mega criminal was when it was conducted. Of course newspapers often seek sensational news stories to support their sales but they should be careful to remain within the bounds of journalistic ethics.

The actual context of the interview contained nothing new. All criminals claim innocence and blame others for their own criminal actions. Jho shows that he is no exception and little or no attention need be paid to his attempt at self-exculpation. Once brought before a Malaysian court he will have his chance to state his case. Meanwhile the IGP should be asking his Singapore counterpart to see what useful information can be gained about location detail and communication ethics. Singapore owes nothing less as a good neighbour.

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