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A Lawyer He Is Not

For the second day running ex MACC boss Dzulkifli offers a public demonstration of his ignorance of the law. That might be more worrying if he were still a senior law enforcement officer. Nevertheless his public statements on the law should be countered if wrong and misleading; the latter no doubt a political objective.

The statement in question, that Dr, Mahathir “is in contempt of court” seems to be based in the assumption that “only the Courts can decide if “accused persons” would be freed. Unhappily that statement is inexact as Malaysians know, having seen accused persons close to charged mega criminal Najib freed from prosecution by fiat of the Attorney General using an outdated section of the CPC; or rather misusing it.

Those who have so escaped justice by the backdoor are probably just what are, in another context, called trial balloons. Freed through this improper procedure to see if the public would wear its use in favour of the mega criminals on trial like Najib and Zahid. probable future intended beneficiaries of this escape hatch. While we can all be in favour of escape hatches for trapped  submariners, to misuse one for mega criminals is not merely grossly improper and a perversion of the law but a stain on the reputations of all involved in the process. Possibly the latter are indifferent to that. If so that means that they have no self esteem and are a public disgrace to their profession

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