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Administrative Review

The IGP is reported as complaining publicly about the alleged inferiority of the facilities afforded at his Headquarters and to the Force generally. Among other things he is reported to have said that several thousand personnel work at his Bukit Aman headquarters and that they even have to park their cars under trees! Whatever next?

It may be that a new PDRM headquarters complex is desirable; even necessary, and if so the PDRM should proceed in the normal way to plan and apply for funds to build it.  Meanwhile an administrative review of personnel posted there might well ease the pressure and put more officers where they belong; on the streets. Pushing pens is no substitute for police work, especially at a time when serious crime reaching into the top of political parties seems to be left un-investfgated while PDRM resources are wasted on alleged offences committed years back and for which there is, and can be, no evidence.

A little more constructive thought is preferable to much public complaining

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