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Another Najib Fairy Tale

Weeping crocodile tears mega crook Najib sprang to the defence of his step son Riza. According to this ludicrous farrago of lies poor innocent Riza had lost a decade of life through misusing stolen money and now wants to start anew.

At what? Another film career financed by stolen Malaysian public funds? Or maybe following his step dad into politics. His record so far shows him eminently suitable to be a member of step daddy’s gang.

Is there here, as so often in the past, a hint of Najib’s real feelings? Does he think that he has done enough, or more than enough, for a relative acquired by marriage?  Or, more probably, does he think he can ride on the back of little Riza and obtain discharges for all his crimes?

The very soul of unfortunate Altantuya cries out in protest at any such grotesque idea. What does the, so far, respected Attorney General think?

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