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Based On What?

In his latest self justifying tergiversation Speaker Harun has opined publicly that he has been “consistent” on the no confidence motion issue.

He now says, unbelievably, that “only Putrajaya has the power to allow any private member’s motion to be debated” As usual he begs the question. The fact of the matter is that it is a question of whether the PN government has a majority in the Assembly that entitles it to continue in office. So, as Speaker,, he is claiming that any government, however illegitimate, can avoid any challenge to its right to stay in office by simply refusing to allow a no confidence motion to be debated!

One has to wonder where he got that doctrine from. A toilet roll perhaps. Certainly not from Erskine May which, if he can be bothered to read it, explains the procedure clearly and without any doubt. Any government remains in office only as long as it has a parliamentary majority and that can be tested at any time by a no confidence motion.

Of course that will not happen unless the majority is in doubt or, as here, nonexistent which is why Moo clings illegally to office, improperly granted to him in blatant defiance of all the evidence. Speakers are referees not party hacks. If they cannot be impartial they should resign. It is the only honourable thing to do.  Will he?

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