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Big Brother Is Paying You

The statement by a senior Malaysian  parliamentarian concerning illegal incursions into Malaysian territorial waters by vessels belonging to the PRC, and doubtless part of the latter’s vast Navy is timely. Not that Bejing will pay the slightest attention or in any way alter its practice of illegal incursions into the territorial waters of other nations. This they do all the time though when other nations send naval forces through international waters which the PRC illegally claim to own there is no end to outraged protest from Beijing
The difference, of course, is that the PRC can’t do other than protest when are elements of other Navies pass through international waters in the South China Sea while at the same time doing exactly the same with their own naval elements. The difference- a large one- is that warships of other nations pass through international waters while PRC naval elements blatantly violate the territorial waters of nations,such as Malaysia and the Philippines, which cannot do anything about such illegality.
The latest local protest will, of course, be ignored by the PN government. The latter is under the effective control of UMNO to which it owes its existence. UMNO is under the control of mega crook Najib Razak and all the world knows how he took money from Beijing to try to cover up his mega thefts of Malaysian government money. Beijing are no doubt happy that a client is now in effective control of Malaysia and will probably waste no time in making further demands on the PN government.
No Malaysian should be in any doubt that the long term intentions of the PRC include complete control of the Indian Ocean as part of its expansionist drive for world domination. For the moment, and it will be only for the moment, they are unready for an outright power grab that would see Malaysia s a client State under direct control, but that would have to come if absolute control of the vital Malacca Strait was to be achieved. And with the present gang of crooks in control of Malaysia there will probably not be any better opportunity to move on that.

Malaysians wake up! Your “government” can sell you to communist China any day now.

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