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Cocky Crook?

Malaysian press reports indicate that Swiss national Tarek Obaid has attempted to get the release of a huge sum of over USD 340 million held by a Malaysian Court as part of thefts from IMDB.

Obaid was a director of PetroSaudi which was involved in the theft of over 700 MILLION dollars by its directors including fugitive Jho Low and most people would be astonished at the sheer insolence of his claim. Steal a huge sum of money. See it seized by the authorities and calmly ask for it back!

Tarek is holed up in his adoptive Switzerland where the authorities have shown a strange reluctance to proceed with prosecutions against him and his British associate Mahony for breaches of Swiss criminal law. The ex-Swiss Attorney General should be able to explain this failure but has not done so.

The Malaysian judicial authorities could make a formal request to Switzerland to extradite Tarek but probably realise they would be wasting their time.

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