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Dictators Don't Change

“Senior minister” Ismail Sabri continues his threatening attitude to the public (a few of which elected him) by saying that if the relaxed lockdown rules are abused he will use “stricter measures” Such as? Shooting violators on sight? Indefinite imprisonment without trial? Or what else? He did not elaborate, possibly because he did not know what else to say.

In any case the voters should be grateful to him for, once more, making clear that PN, already an illegal government, will not hesitate to use force against the people. He and his fellow “ministers” should be thinking how to help fellow Malaysians NOT trying to frighten them.

Some things never change. Whenever political power is obtained by force, or fraud, the thieves aways resort threats and where that fails, to force. Sabri and co. are faithfully following that pattern

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