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Double Headed Minister?

Press reports show that ISMAIL SABRI, in addition to being Malaysia’s joke Interior Minister is also the Minister of Defence. What can be the problem with PN?  Do they regard national defence as so unimportant that it can be handled part time by a Minister pre-occupied with threatening the public about Covid? One has to wonder what the Malaysian Armed Forces think about that. Or, for that matter, UMNO defence “expert” Hishamuddin

Be that as it may all Malaysians, especially the minister’s community, should rightly be worried abut talk of co-operaton with the CPG in defence matters. What co-operation?  Here the “minister” was less vocal than is his habit. Perhaps total unfamiliarity with the subject kept his usually loquacious tongue tied up?

In any event this “minister” who is so vocal daily about matters which he clearly does not understand should explain to the public the nature of his discussions on defence with the Chinese communist Minister for defence. If it were Najib in his place all would be very clear. Does he relish the comparison?

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