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Escaping The Smell?

The Gulf states are distant from Malaysia but not so distant that the stink of corruption cannot be noted; even at such a distance.
Malaysia,through the agency of arch thief Najib and his accomplices, Malaysian and otherwise, now has an international reputation as a failed state managed by a bunch of thieves,

In that context it might have been more sensible if the Agong had stayed at home and done what he could to help the Malaysian people; who pay for him, But no. He has gone, apparently willingly, to visit the same bunch of crooks who aided and abetted mega thief Najib to steal billons.

As titular head of State he is supposed to be advised by the Prime Minister of the day in everything except his ceremonial duties. As head of state he represents no-one, is elected by no one and has no remit to arrange, suggest or implement policies of any kind.

A far cry from the Arab autocrats that he is visiting and who can, and do, whatever they want using the accident of oil wealth which ought to be going to development: not fancy yachts, good plated loo seats and other childish extravagances paid for with their their people’s money.

For some of these latter, Saudi Arabia notably, sand sandwich time is close upon them. But in the Gulf they are still buying mega yachts, building palaces and in many other ways wasting the precious natural resource that fortune has given them. So what is the Agong, or to be more exact, his colleagues in the present poltical adventure in Malaysia, hoping to achieve by this visit?

There is, presumably a reason for the very considerable expense involved; to be met by the Malaysian taxpayers. Will they be granted so much as a word of explanation?  Breath holding not advised.

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