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From The Horse’s Mouth

In a blatant and entirely unrepentant statement PAS boss Hadi Awang admits that there was a plot dating from immediately after the 2018 election to “topple the PH government!” There speaks a true democrat.

Having been thoroughly rejected by the voters what did PAS do? Re-think its policies and message to the electorate? Not a bit of it.They just started plotting to topple the elected government. Some democrats!

This public statement by the PAS boss will surprise no one familiar with PAS. If the voters do not like PAS policies and leaders, and they clearly do not, then they must be made to by “plotting”. Maybe the PAS boss should take a course of lessons in basic democracy.  But he clearly won’t, preferring to put religious fanaticism ahead of democracy.

That is what PAS did in 2018 and look at the result. Lesson learned? Or better to “plot” to subvert democracy.

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