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Ground To A Halt?

Proverbially the “wheels of justice grind exceeding slow but exceeding small.” It appears that in Malaysia even that slow pace has ground to a halt.

What else are Malaysians to conclude from the facts that a former Prime Minister, Najib, has ben convicted of serious criminal offences, sentenced to a long term of imprisonment but remains free to air his news, to vote in the Assembly and generally act a a free and unblemished citizen.

How has this come about? All the world knows that he has appealed his conviction and sentence. In Malaysia the means, or should mean, that the Court of Appeal should hear the appeal and and pass judgment. So why hasn’t it?

Are all the Appeal judges sick or otherwise unable to perform the duties for which they are paid? Or are they following orders not to do their duty? And, if so, whose orders and issued on what legal authority?

These are questions that need to be answered if Malaysians are to continue to believe that theirs is a country in which justice and law are supreme; or just another entity where the diktat of the current dictator settles all?

Above all it is the responsibility and duty of those in charge of the judicial system to ensure that it functions promptly, fairly and efficiently. Few Malaysians outside the Moo cabal will see it in that light on current performance.

The fact that the country is currently in the grip of a political mafia is not something of which judicial notice need or should be taken.
Fiat justitia ruat caelum. Let Justice be done though the heavens fall.

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