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Have The PDRM Bosses Gone Bananas?

Or are they merely craven robots doing whatever they are told to do by an illegal government?  Press reports about CID questioning of Anwar Ibrahim force impartial observers to ask themselves that question.

Among the ludicrous questions reported to have been put to Anwar was one about the level of support for the PN “government” How could that possibly be a matter for police enquiry? Only if craven police officers, ordered to make it so, complied with illegal instructions.  Unless the IGP immediately relieves the CID chief of his duties he risks being viewed as a craven yes man for PN and no longer fit to lead the PDRM.

Among other absurdities referred to in reports of this police “interview” was one referring to an alleged offence claimed to have been committed by Anwar several years ago; the sole evidence for which is a “statutory declaration”. Not even the most negligent of senior police officers, could proceed on such evidence alone and fail to ask why a multi year delay had happened and what other evidence, if any, exists. If they did so they remain silent on the matter so one can assume that they, like everyone else, know a liar when they meet one.

This farcical incident brings shame on the PDRM as a whole and its command structure in particular. An RCI seems clearly indicated to clean the PDRM house.

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