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Longing for Prosperity For All!

Is what defector MLA and “senior minister” Azmin is reported as claiming as his ambition. Laudable indeed and he has shown by example, his, that at least some Malaysians have already achieved that ambition.

More surprisingly he stated that he would contest the electoral seat by which he became a MLA at the next election. Has he been doing electoral surveys? If so he will have discovered that the only person likely to vote for him is himself!

Self delusion is a common enough personality trait for his audience to note. But if he thinks he can get a single vote he had better think again. No one wants to be represented by a person who may defect at any moment that offers personal advantage. In any event the next opportunity to stand for election may still be some way off as Moo and his backers continue to suppress democracy, hold “pretend” emergencies and fill their pockets with voter’s money.

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