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Missing! 600 Billion Ringgit

Former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir is right to ask the PN crook coalition where this enormous sum of money, allocated to deal with the Covid epidemic, has gone?

Obviously some of it has been spent on vaccines. PN personalities, Mahiaddin to the fore, have publicised themselves as receiving vaccination; boasting about being the first to do so. And other PN personalities have no doubt taken advantage of this tsunami of gold to get themselves vaccinated also.

But that cost is a drop in this 600 billion ocean. If PN enjoyed a reputation for honesty the public could assume that these funds were being spent properly on genuine stimulus actions and supporting the populace. But as their reputation in financial matters stinks in the nostrils of the voters no one will believe that all of these funds have been, and are being, spent on the stated objective of countering the covid epidemic.

So the ‘PM’ and his pals, higher and lower, have a simple choice. Publish the accounting, receipts included, or let the public continue to believe that they are in the hands of a gang of crooks. Easy choice. Will they take it?

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