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One Step Backward

“In the process of democracy”. The reported words of the minority Malaysian Prime Minister when referring to the recent military coup in Myanmar.

Absolutely right. But did he stop to think about his own position and that of the illegal PN government when formulating that view of recent events in that country?

Does he really have the brazen insolence to associate himself and Malaysia with condemnation of the Myanmar coup when he and his backers have done exactly the same thing at home. The only difference is that PN is not an army.  But it shares everything else with the Burmese dictators.

Contempt for democracy. Total willingness to use illegal means to grab and retain power. And the opportunities that brings to raid the public finances. Why condemn others for doing what you yourself have done? Better to visit Myanmar and see if you can learn any new techniques. You will need them. The covid “emergency” will not exist for ever.

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