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PN Starves The Needy

PH Assembly members are having to use their personal funds to buy basic foodstuffs for the needy while PN members are provided with public money for the same purpose. How corrupt can politicians get? When even starving citizens is a political tactic. But not one that will win many votes. Those already in the PN trough will regard what they get as their right while others who survive to vote in future will not forget who tried to starve them into submission

If this vile discrimination was not actually happening many Malaysians would find it hard to believe. But it is and openly reported in the Press. As PN do not seem to be upset or worried the electors have to assume that unless you sell your vote to PN you are a “non-person” unworthy of any consideration or help

Perhaps PN think that as they were rejected in GE14 there is no need to help anyone apart from their known supporters. This is not just bribery but attempted genocide. Happily for Malaysians that attempt will probably fail as miserably as any other PN initiative; apart from stealing public money.

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