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"Religion Race And Country"

The ‘Prime Minister’, still afraid to seek a vote of confidence from the Assembly, has publicly set out his priorities as above.

If he had set out to describe in a single phrase what is wrong with Malaysia he could not have done better. Malaysia was established as a community for ALL Malaysians on the basis of equality, not community of birth.

To claim that any one of the races that make up Malaysia’s citizenship is somehow superior is not only wrong in principle. It is also stupid. Did “master race” Najib demonstrate the benefits of “one race” citizenship. Other than the personal “benefits” that being a master race Prime Minister could bring?

One must make some allowance for the present “Prime Minister” who as we all know, is suffering from a grave and probably terminal illness. This latter may well inhibit him from sensible public comment. It should also indicate to him that he should be thinking of his own position and leaving politics to those well enough to manage them in a sensible and non-racist manner.

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