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Saved Lives!

Is what puppet Prime Minister Moo is reported to have said that the government has done! His own included though he made no mention of his own prolonged free hospital treatment. In fact what his government has actually done is lose Malaysian lives thanks to its disastrous ‘vaccine rollout’. Who has profited from the foolish choices? And foolish may be too kind a word. What if corruption entered into it? There should be an inquiry but Moo and his friends are again shutting down Parliament.

Now that the “emergency” has been scrapped there can be no excuse for stifling democracy any longer. Either Moo has a majority in which case he should himself call a motion of confidence. Or he does not in which case he should resign and return to the richly deserved obscurity from which he was plucked for reasons now apparent to all.

The record over the years shows that shame is a feeling unknown to a wide swathe of politicians but the events of the last few years break all previous records for political chicanery. Malaysian politicians should hang their heads in shame. Is that too an unknown quantity?

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