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Smoke And Mirrors

A proverb to which “PM” Muyhiddin should be paying attention has it that “when in a hole stop digging”. His latest attempt to divert public opinion from himself and his backdoor government consists of a claim that they will “look again” at the “Malaysia Agreement”.

What that means, if it means anything, is that if there are aspects of that agreement that ‘PM8′ does not like he has only to amend the Constitution. Presumably his Attorney General can advise him that to do so he will need a two thirds majority in the Federal Assembly

Since that will never happen, as it is beyond the powers of his royal backer to bring about, why this nonsensical talk? Could it be connected in any way with the current State election campaign in Sabah? Or the fact that State elections will have soon to be held in Sarawak’?

Or is it just a foolish attempt to buy electoral support for PN in the Sabah state election? The PN Attorney General must be sealing his ears to avoid hearing any more mega nonsense from his political bosses.

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