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Some Appeals Can Be Heard

Press reports indicate that the appeal of “Ku Nan” against his conviction will be heard on 22 April. Malaysian lawyers, and Malaysians in general, are well aware that the criminal conviction in question was registered well after that of mega crook Najib.

So what explanation, if any, is bring offered for the fact that Najib’s appeal still has no hearing date? Of course it is easy, and routine, to assume that the authorities responsible are under orders from the minority government not to schedule that appeal since, since while it is not heard, mega criminal Najib retains his Assembly seat and vote.

Quite why this is still important in view of the fact that PN are openly in a minority is unclear except that, as everyone in Malaysia from the Agong down to the humblest rice farmer knows, the Constitution only applies when it can be manipulated to favour PN (as in the choice of Muhyiddin as Prime Minister) and is otherwise ignored when its provisions are inconvenient for or unfavourable to PN.

There are democracies and dictatorships. Malaysians will have to decide if they want to be able throw out the boss (as in the USA recently) or whether they want their opposition politicians treated as Putin treats Navalny. And ‘PM8′ and his boss treat the PH parliamentary majority.

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