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The Curious Case Of The Lady Spymaster And The Vanished RM50 Million

Press reports indicate that the prosecution of Najib’s female spymaster for the 50 million ringgit missing from her former department’s funds was halted due to the prosecution indicating that they would not proceed any further.

The same reports are silent on why that decision was reached; perhaps because that was not shared with the Court. Nor, so far as press reports go, was anything said about what had happened to those RM50 million of public money.

To class the decision not to proceed as other than a gross scandal would be understating the matter. If the evidence was faulty, or insufficient, why did the prosecution even start? Why did the prosecution not at least explain why they were not proceeding? If the case had got as far as the Court it must have been backed by solid evidence. So what happened to that? Smoke and mirrors 007 style?

In any normal court system and in any normal properly governed country this simply could not have happened. But in Malaysia the grossest crooks seem to be entitled to this “get out of jail” card.

Perhaps the Moo administration, which cannot escape responsibility for this scandalous affair, are selling pardons of this sort? After all 50 million ringgit must buy something.

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