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Timber Terrorism

Readers of Sarawak Report will have been horrified by the latest report on timber terrorism. It is not just the senile arch criminal Taib Mahmud who is to blame for this environmental mega crime but also the criminal timber merchants who have his “permission” to commit eco terrorism on a world scale.

At a time when the world’s Press is full of killings and worse by the Taliban and moral weakness on an unparalleled scale by the senile Biden this eco terrorism may pass unnoticed. It should not. Commercial destruction of the rain forest will have a deadly effect on humans world wide.Maybe not on senile Taib who has long overstayed his welcome but on millions of humans who are blameless in the matter.

Not blameless however the politicians of the world who preach sanctimoniously about global warming and close their eyes to what the criminal Taib and his company accomplices have been, and still are, up.to.

Are Malaysia’s rubber and tin and its market for western goods more important than the end of the world from overheating? Dont waste your time asking the money men. Still less the sanctimonious politicians of the western world.

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