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Time For Parliament To Be Called

“In view of recent development which has cast serious doubt on whether the PM still commands majority support in parliament, no business is more important than settling this issue in parliament without delay.

A special session of parliament should hence be convened forthwith whereby either a “motion of confidence” by the ruling coalition or a “motion of no confidence” by the opposition on the PM should be tabled to resolve the issue once and for all.

If for any reason, such a special parliamentary session can’t be convened, a similar motion should be placed at the top of agenda when parliament meets on Nov 2.

Otherwise, Malaysia may be ruled by an unconstitutional government.

If Muhyiddin is a man of dignity and self-respect, he should facilitate such a special session or prioritize such a motion.

It is important for all stake-holders to take note that, under the Federal Constitution, only parliament – and no one else – is  empowered to remove a prime minister.”

Kim Quek
In response to the Malaysiakini article “In letter, Ku Li urges speaker to allow debate on PM no-confidence motion” (https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/546565):

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