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Treason. What Is Treason?

PN Minister Annuar Musa is reported as accusing UMNO’s Secretary General of treason for having urged his party’s Assembly members to call for Parliament to debate the current state of emergency. In doing so he described Ahmad Aslan’s action as possibly treasonous!

So, for PN, the Assembly is treasonous! Well that is actually correct when “the Assembly” means the minority PN regime though its treason is not, as Annuar would like to allege, treasonous against the Agong but against the people of Malaysia which latter are vastly more important than a rotating temporary head of state figurehead.

Frog buying, if not theoretically treasonous under Malaysian law, is in fact a graver attack on democracy and PN are massively guilty of that offence against the whole Malaysian people.  If treason is in question what could more treasonous than thwarting the will of the people expressed in a general election than buying worthless cheapskate MLAs?

It is not clear if Annuar has any legal qualifications. If he does he clearly knows he is talking dangerous nonsense. If he does not it is more than time that he took legal advice before opening his mouth.

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