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UMNO Lawmaker

An item in the local Press attached this description to ex Minister and Najib relative Hioneshamuddin. The Press are often sloppy in reporting current events but to describe someone as an “UMNO lawmaker” goes beyond sloppiness and is positively misleading. Had the adjective “former” appeared before the name the correct position would have been stated.

To raise this issue is not “nit-picking” are some are likely to suggest. The Opposition in Parliament are just that and have no power or capability to legislate no matter how much they may indulge in communal politics in attempts to influence policy and government in general. Perhaps their decades in power in the past leads them to think that they still rule!

The only way that that can happen will be if PH throw away the opportunity to change Malaysia that they received from the voters two years ago. Sometimes things look that way. It is not a question of with whom to work but one of working hard with the majority granted by the voters to change Malaysia. And for the better. PH should get in with that and not worry about photos

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