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Waste of Police Time Or Plain Police Harassment

Press reports indicate that senior PH personalities have been questioned by the PDRM over a PH media statement on the emergency proclamation. Presumably the PDRM have found something in the law that makes criticism of government actions illegal? Or does such criticism imply an attack on the Agong as press reports on this incident seem to imply?

The fact of the matter is that all Malaysians are fully aware that the current ”emergency” is a fake designed to allow Moo and PN to shut down the Assembly and so avoid a vote of confidence that they are bound to lose. What is more it allows Moo to visit Mecca and try to gatecrash a Saudi royal reception for some REAL Arab VIPs.

The IGP should be ashamed over his supine behaviour in following PN orders to carry out this witch hunt. Presumably he is aware that when PH retake power he will be looking for another job so it is in his interest to support PN attempts to attack PH leaders.

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