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Weaponising Instruments of Law & Order

Press reports state that CID chief Huzir Mohamed has approved the holding of a police investigation into a report lodged by UMNO MP Ahmad Mazlan.

According to the CID chief that report referred to a “leak to the public” of a list of names of MPs who reportedly support Anwar. The investigation, Huzir stated, would be based on laws against “fear and alarm” and “sharing  of offensive and menacing comment”!

What has the good detective been smoking? Is Anwar accused of sharing the list? Or someone not known to the CID? Oddly enough the list does not seem to have been published anywhere but maybe the CID have a special crystal ball that they can use to find such things out?

What is clear from this absurd incident is that the PDRM are being pressured politically to make total fools of themselves and it should stop.

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