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What Activities?

The PN appointed Speaker has stated that although the Assembly is suspended “other activities can go on” .

Unfortunately he did not go on to specify what those “other activities” might be. The continued filling of PN pockets from public funds? The drawing of salaries from those funds despite the non-performance of duties in respect of which they are paid?

Or simply the disgraceful and criminal looting of public money being carried out by the PN administration and its MLA supporters?

As a senior public figure the current Speaker surely cannot be ignorant of what is going on. Or if he really is then he is clearly unfitted for his job. Which, incidentally, is in abeyance because of the fake emergency created by PN and its high level backers to cover up the facts that PN is in minority and if PM 8 was anything of an honest politician he would resign.

Dont hold your breath!

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