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Who Rules?

Puppet “PM8″ is reported as saying that the Assembly will meet again “either in September or October” That, among other things, appears to credit Moo with supernatural powers to predict the future. It also shows him to be nothing more than a royal puppet, the announcement coming after yet another “audience “with the Agong.

Many Malaysians will also think its past time that the Agong stepped acting as though he is an absolute monarch rather than a titular head of state with no powers apart from those granted by the Constitution, Malaysians who study that seminal document will find no mention of “audiences” or other trappings of long disappeared absolute monarchy. The role of Agong is set out in the Constitution and should be noted and adhered to.

The answer to the question “who rules” is clearly set out in the Constitution. It is the people who rule; just as it is the people who pay the costs of “constitutional monarchy”. That salient fact should be borne in mind by all; and especially those who try to resurrect absolute monarchy centuries after it was abolished; by axe or guillotine.

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