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Why Not?

The Agong having, as prescribed by the Constitution, appointed PN figurehead Muyhiddin as Prime Minister, should be the first among millions of Malaysians to want to see if he had made the correct choice; whatever the means by which he had arrived at it.

It is possible, it appears, for the Assembly to meet on May 18th. That being so why on earth not take that opportunity to confirm the Agong’s choice by a simple vote of confidence? Parliamentary procedure exists to make that possible and no honest Prime Minister would resist a test of his authority when, by a simple vote, he could confirm it.

The only answer to the question “Why no confidence vote?” is that all concerned, PN, Muyhiddin and the Agong himself know that it would fail. If they deny that why not hold the vote?

Democracy in Malaysia is in peril and those whose duty is to defend it are, at best, failing in their duty while worse motives will be imputed to them

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