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With People Like These Who Needs Defenders?

Press reports quote the Johore PDRM chief as warning the public not to tarnish the “royal institution” and to “respect it”

Just who does he think he is? The final and unquestionable arbiter of public opinion? Or the boss of the entire Malaysian public with powers to regulate its thinking and opinions? In fact his “control” is limited to managing the Johor contingent of the police force in as  efficient a manner as possible. That should extend his abilities and occupy his time to the exclusion of anything else and, no doubt, the IGP will be explaining that to him; or finding him a post more fitted to his abilities.

Perhaps someone should explain to this copper about freedom of thought and expression. Sultanates are not gifts from God and  some of their earlier history does not bear much inspection. So let him salute or bow or whatever he finds respectful and leave the public to form their own view.

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