Once A Cheat Always A Cheat

Be ‘honourable’ and quit Batu Lintang seat, PSB tells See

Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) has urged Batu Lintang assemblyperson See Chee How to “act honourably” by quitting his elected seat to pave way for a by-election.

In a statement today, the party said See had signed a pledge to the party promising to resign as an assembly person should he defect.

“We clearly informed each potential candidate that if their intention was to ‘jump ship’ after winning as a PSB candidate, they should not accept the candidacy and never sign the pledge and agreement

Our comment

Advice is often given to the mistress who marries the husband she cheated with: “If he did it to his first wife then don’t be surprised if he does it to you”.

PSB are well aware that the same See Chee How signed a pledge of a similar nature to the one he signed with them with his former benefactors from PKR.

However, despite the signed promises and threat of legal action, he and his colleagues (mostly lawyers) decided to jump with the man who had handled the money rather than stick to that pledge to the party and its principles.

They did so having been warned they would bring down the whole reforming effort of their nation and would only lead their country back into the hands of the villains they had sought to oppose for years.

Instead, they stupidly gambled on the idea that their man (now the most unpopular politician in Malaysia) would come through to lead the country and make them henchmen.

So, why does PSB believe after such a betrayal that they had anything to expect but similar treatment or that they should be able to rely on any of the other slippery frogs they have gathered in their depleted ranks?

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