Abang Jo Is No Greta Garbo

Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) is comfortable and prefers to move on its own rather than joining any political party from Peninsular Malaysia, its chairperson Abang Johari Tun Openg said.

Abang Johari, who is Sarawak chief minister, said that they are now focusing on the development of the state and wanted to give back to the people.

“We prefer to be on our own. If we take good care of our ‘home’, then many people will come to invest,” he told reporters after officiating the Centexs-SMA Safari 2019 in Kuching today.

Abang Johari said this in response to Umno and PAS’s collaboration which saw the two Malay-based parties signing a political cooperation memorandum charter known as the “National Consensus Charter” today.


Our comment

Nice try Abang Jo.

Whilst UMNO and PAS continue to splash stolen cash stoking divisive bigotry in their gambit to entice people to forget theft and betrayal in favour of hateful racism, he is trying a different version of the same game in Sarawak.

He is seeking to portray GPS as ‘independent’ and rubbish parties that seek to enhance equality, bring social justice as being ‘outsiders’.

The present toxic nature of UMNO/PAS can never appeal to East Malaysia, however Sarawak’s current rulers cannot disguise their own past actions.

The leaders of GPS jumped to KLs tune for decades (they still do) and handed away virtually all Sarawak’s oil revenues in a dark pact that gave them free rein to rape the state of its timber and native lands and hand out contracts to themselves.

It was Abang Jo’s party that changed the state land codes time and again so politicians and their cronies could seize Native Customary Lands and it still is his party that is continuing to refuse to reform those land grab laws.

Now they have run out of revenues from timber, plantations, botched industrialisation and all the rest, these same Jackanapes are now finally playing catch up by asking for more oil revenues.

Where do Sarawakians think that money would go were these scoundrels from GPS to get their hands on it?

To ordinary Sarawakians? To improve services?

It is time Sarawak showed these thieves who is boss and voted them out – and the next lot too if they don’t immediately carry out their promises to undo the greed and corruption of 50 years of Taib Mahmud and his grasping family and hangers on in GPS.

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