Azizah Educates Us In Corruption

A Sabah Bersatu MP said she would not step down from her position at a government-linked company (GLC) despite party president Muhyiddin Yassin’s resignation as prime minister yesterday.

Beaufort MP Azizah Dun, who is Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) chairman, said those pressuring Bersatu leaders appointed to GLCs to step down should check the Federal Constitution first.

The Sabah Bersatu Srikandi (women’s wing) chief said that under the Constitution, only Muhyiddin and his federal Cabinet were required to relinquish their positions…

Azizah, who was appointed Mara chairman on May 1 last year, said the media should educate the public to check their facts before making statements online.

Setiawangsa MP Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad had said earlier today that it was only right that Muhyiddin’s political appointees in GLCs and government-linked investment corporations (GLICs) follow in his footsteps and resign immediately.

Nik Nazmi said it was the proper and honourable thing to do as there was no reason or legitimacy for political appointees to remain in their posts.


Our comment

It is clear Nik Nazmi did not say the Constitution orders MPs appointed as Chairmen of publicly owned companies to step down – the writers could never have imagined such a gross and corrupt abuse of power and neither was their task concerned with corrupt practice or the economy.

Instead, Nik Nazmi made clear that honourable behaviour and common sense demands it. Aziza plainly has neither. She is hanging on to her conflicted role, given to her as a perk for supporting the past PN government, in the hope that the new prime minister will also find it convenient to bribe her to support him.

If Ismail Sabri replaces a Bersatu leader for a PN 2.0 government she may even hope to extract more than just this well paid salary on top of her MP’s pay for doing neither job effectively.

On the other hand, if a more honest administration is appointed she will be unceremoniously sacked and to be sure her behaviour will have her sacked by the electorate come the next election.

Or maybe this greedy and arrogant woman is confident there will be no more elections now her sponsors are in charge?

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