Bribery And Blackmail

It would be better if the Sabah government is aligned with the Federal Government, says Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

“Imagine if Sabah is one with us (federal government), it would be better, ” he said when announcing some of the previous funding allocated to Sabah and developments brought to the state at a gathering with civil servants here on Saturday (Aug 29).

Muhyiddin added that Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal had been his friend for a long time and they had worked together before.

“I hope the message will reach the grassroots, the people out there, ” he said.

Source: The Star

Our comment

The coup PM says he hopes his message will reach the grassroots. Indeed, he should have no fear, the world get’s his meaning.

He is seeking to threaten this state that it will have less of the ‘funding pie’ if it exercises its right to vote for the policies it prefers, rather than the Malay Muslim supremacist coalition that he heads.

Moo is seeking to blackmail the people of Sabah with a threat to withhold funding and for them to at the same time put their trust in the hands of a group of charged and convicted crooks, who have made clear they think non Malays and non Muslims are a lower form of life. Then, says Moo, the people of Sabah will be better off.

However, Moo and his political party have been making the same threats and promises for over 50 years, save for his short interlude at the reforming PH government, which he pulled the rug from under as soon as he saw his chance.

So, Sabah has plenty of experience to draw from when it comes from accepting the threats and promises of those who seek to overturn governments by buying over representatives who were elected to serve the other side.  UMNO did it before in Sabah and the prosperity of the local people has suffered ever since.

For the past weeks Muhyiddin’s men have been sneaking around in Sabah with bags of cash seeking to subvert MPs again, which is why the election has been called.

When Muhyiddin says there will be “more money” for Sabah if they support his government currently lacking a majority he means more money for politicians he needs to bribe. For decades this rich state has been stripped bare to make a few BN politicians rich and the people have got nothing.

Fat ‘projects’ may be handed out, but the money goes elsewhere and the projects lie undone. The people of Sabah have had decades of Muhyiddin and his party and their famous ‘money politics’.

They know they won’t see a single cent – except RM10 on election day.

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