Covid Lockdown For Some But Not Others (Again)

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been summoned to the Bukit Aman federal police headquarters tomorrow to give his statement over the list of MPs who purportedly support him to become prime minister.

According to a statement by Criminal Investigation Department (CID) director Huzir Mohamed, the police have so far received a total of 113 reports over the matter.

“The police are still conducting an investigation over the claim, which had gone viral on social media.

“And thus, Anwar has been asked to present himself at the office of the Classified Investigation Unit, CID Bukit Aman on Oct 16 to give his statement,” Huzir said.


Our comment

Amidst the reimposition of partial Covid lockdown by a government that has brazenly used the pandemic to assist its survival for several months, this incident stands out.

Bersatu types have been reporting a non-existent crime about the publication of a supposed list of names by an anonymous source and the government with no followers has pressured the police to detain and question Anwar about it.

This frivolous exercise is apparently OK despite the new Covid restrictions.

Meanwhile, the Agong has suspended interviewing key political leaders about whether they back the present government as evidence builds of a total collapse of support for the beleaguered prime minister.

The reason given for the suspension of this vital exercise? The same Covid restrictions which have not prevented the police from harassing Anwar.

Malaysia can only be sick and tired of this bogus backdoor administration based on a half-baked coup and backed up by a litany of corrupt deals to broker fragile support.

Parliament is there for a reason, which is to decide who commands the support of those elected by the people and to oversee the integrity of the administration.

If Anwar can be called to Bukit Aman, then MPs can be called to Putrajaya.

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