Lame Excuse

Datuk Seri Azmin Ali and his group of former PKR lawmakers purported tonight that they had attempted to protect Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad from being undermined by Pakatan Harapan.

In a statement issued after the group gathered at a hotel here, they claimed the attempt to have Dr Mahathir set a date to step down as prime minister would have removed his authority and consigned him to being a “lame duck PM”.

“As such, we took proactive steps to foil this conspiracy to depose the prime minister mid-term,” they said in a statement.

Our comment

Read the comments. In a sentence, whom do this band of lame losers think they are kidding?

These are the coup conspirators who forced the elderly man they are pretending to champion into a resignation over their weekend antics.

Dr Mahathir does not want to stay in office until he is 100 years old.  He just wanted space to leave when he felt his job was done and on his own terms. Everyone else in PH was willing to grant him that space in good faith. They committed to the principle on Friday – lame duck, my foot!

The only man who walked out of that meeting on Friday, where with smiles all round this respectful deal was publicly confirmed, was the rebel coup-master, Azmin Ali.

Azmin is the type who pretends respect whilst using the object of ‘worship’ as a shield for his own abuse. Like military juntas who hide behind royals or priests who abuse in the name of religion.

No one believes Azmin’s boys and their bogus concerns for their own object of supposed worship. Everyone had already shown their respect. This was about treachery and an attempt to disrupt the planned transition – to thwart a continuance of government that would keep Azmin and his new friends in UMNO and PAS away from the levers of power (and in the sights of the law).

Malaysians know a traitor and a humbug when they see one and those who have joined Azmin have already discovered that this is not the story of a lame duck, but of a lame horse – and they are riding it. Read the comments.

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