Mahathir Gone Of The Rails, Time To Jump Overboard

In an earlier tweet, Ambiga also defended Mahathir’s plan to form a unity government which the latter said would focus on national interests and cut across political lines.

She was responding to another Twitter user who highlighted that Malaysians are concerned that if the 94-year-old leader is given a free hand to form a unity government, which included BN and PAS, there would be no opposition…

Ambiga retweeted another user’s concern that a snap polls risked “letting in the kleptocrats” and that a contest along issues of race and religion would damage the nation beyond repair.

Our comment

Mahathir has now moved beyond Ambiga’s support for his sudden enthusiasm for a ‘non-partisan’ government (giving him immense personal power).

Because now he has come out to indicate that, whilst he has not been ready yet to hand over to Anwar as so repeatedly promised, he is now by contrast willing to step aside for Muhyiddin:
We discussed, including the possibility that Muhyiddin might become a (PM) candidate … If everybody chooses him (as prime minister), I am okay” said Mahathir tonight.

Muhyiddin has at the same time stated as PM he would hop back to work with UMNO and include all the crooks Bersatu previously stood up against, who stole billions from the country.

So, Ambiga must now accept that Mahathir is prepared to support the kleptocrats before fulfilling his handover pledge repeated as late as Friday.

Time for PH supporters such as herself to abandon this zig zagging premier and stay true to their commitments to the electorate?

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