PN's Bought Up Allies Are Crying Buckets

[Takiyuddin] said the Agong did not explicitly mention a date for when Parliament should reopen again.

“His Majesty did not specify any particular date, but said it should be held as soon as possible. So the Prime Minister can announce, for example, that Parliament will reopen in September or October,” Takiyuddin said during a discussion on Bicara Harakah.

Speaking to moderator Badzli Bakar, the de facto law minister added that the Agong also stressed the role of all MPs across the political spectrum to focus on dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“So if Parliament is to reopen, then they should focus on how best to deal with Covid, rather than anything else.

“As always, the government is ready to openly accept the views of the Opposition MPs with regards to Covid-19. We also thank His Majesty and the Conference of Rulers, over their concerns on the matter,” he said.

Source: Malay Mail

Our comment

This wily law minister (the one who declared 1MDB reparations were a state secret) is one of many crying like babies now that the Council of Rulers has slapped down their experiment in hijacking the democratic process.

The appointed Speaker of the house (another lawyer who is not even an MP and whose equally unelected brother has been appointed Attorney General) is also wailing at the prospect of the early demise of their cosy crony positions propping up the coup.

But whilst these fellows can only smell the gravy, having teamed up with a bunch of fellow opportunists with nothing in common besides happening to be Malay, the Rulers have plainly smelt the coffee. So, at long last, has the Agong.

These power grabbers were so intent on the fruits of office they barely registered the pandemic to begin with. When they did it was primarily to use it as an excuse to control the country rather than prioritising public health and economic pain.

They were too focused on their own economic gain.

Everyone in Malaysia has watched this blatant performance with growing anger, hence the decision by the rulers to intervene and end the abuse of constitutional process and “bring down the temperature” in the country.

Predictably, the likes of Takiyuddin and Art Harun are nonetheless seeking to re-interpret the rulers’ stated position, confirmed by the Agong, that this show needs to come to an end as soon as possible.

That there is no need for the bogus ‘state of emergency’ to continue this shut down of parliament means the charade should end today.  Not maybe September or October or sometime never, as these two second rate lawyers are now desperately pleading before the bench of public opinion.

The bench is not amused. And since the Agong no longer accepts the advice of a prime minister who lacks a majority the law is now being broken by these advocates for a failed administration.


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