Poor Persecuted Najib

Najib Razak challenged two DAP leaders to serve a repossession notice on the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates in order to seize the superyacht “Topaz”, which was allegedly purchased with funds linked to 1MDB…


They should also explain why they allege that he (Najib) had stolen 1MDB money, but the person who bought the superyacht is someone from another country, Najib said.

Najib said the Justice Department had clearly stated that the yacht is owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, chairman of IPIC or International Petroleum Investment Co., which was involved in a deal with 1MDB.

“I would like to see Guan Eng and Tony be sent to serve a repossession notice for the yacht on him,” Najib said in a Facebook post.

Najib also accused the Pakatan Harapan government of overlooking a loss of US$125 million incurred by the sale of another luxury yacht, the “Equanimity”, reportedly purchased for US$250 million with 1MDB funds but sold by the PH government for US$125 million.

He said the loss came about after the PH government deliberately scuttled plans by his administration for a settlement with the Abu Dhabi government to return every single sen “suspected missing from 1MDB” to Malaysia.

However, the PH government sued the Abu Dhabi government in London, despite the fact it meant that Malaysia would recover far less than under the settlement agreement.

“Their priority was never the interest of the country but to persecute me and the Barisan Nasional,” he said. According to a Singapore news report, financing details about the purchase of the Topaz were contained in a US Justice Department filing to a federal court in California on June 30.


Our comment

As published on several occasions since 2015 by Sarawak Report, and indeed confirmed in the court filings by the US Department of Justice, tens of millions of dollars stolen from 1MDB were poured into financing the upkeep and expenses of the yacht Topaz.

The facts are verified by bank statements obtained by Sarawak Report, which are the subject of prosecution against the Edmond de Rothschild bank itself in Luxembourg, and of course the money flows traced by official investigators.

Najib cannot get away from those facts, except by fantasising on Facebook.

These statements show the money for Topaz was paid from the ‘Vasco Trust’ set up by the Chairman of the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Aabar, Khadem Al Qubaisi (KAQ), which in turn received its entire half billion dollar funding from kickbacks paid by Jho Low companies Good Star Limited and Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Limited in return for KAQ’s services in helping launder the billions stolen from 1MDB.

Shortly after Sarawak Report published the details (and even before these were confirmed by the DOJ) KAQ was banged in jail in Abu Dhabi, where he remains. Subsequent to that, Najib raised and stole many more billions from the Malaysian public purse in order to pay back Abu Dhabi for initially covering 1MDB’s losses and to cover up the crimes.

Such a ‘settlement’ should certainly be scuttled and the London court case is a promising opportunity to make Abu Dhabi’s rulers pay for assisting Najib’s fraud against his own nation.

As ever, Najib Razak is talking ‘BS’ and denying solid proven facts and creating a ludicrous alternative reality that blames everyone else for his grotesque and selfish actions.

It is telling that whilst KAQ was thrown behind bars in the flicker of an eye over these facts, Najib remains free, arguing the toss with the help of a football team of deceptive lawyers. When someone has spent a lifetime avoiding punishment because of whom their parents were they soon develop an ‘invulnerability complex’.

Only just punishment will help this deluded man connect back to the real world where others live.

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