Revoke This Abusive ‘Sedition’ Law!

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Bajau Laut eviction: Cops probing Borneo Komrad founder for sedition

Police have summoned human rights activist Mukmin Nantang for questioning under the Sedition Act, believed to be linked to the recent case of Bajau Laut being evicted from their homes in Semporna, Sabah.

Sabah Bersih coordinator Asraf Sharafi said the Borneo Komrad founder was told to be at the Semporna district police headquarters this Thursday.

“We believe this is in connection with the spread of videos showing Bajau Laut houses being demolished two weeks ago.

“Lawyer Sherzali Asli from Sabah Human Rights Centre will be representing Mukmin (above) during the statement recording session,” Asraf told Malaysiakini.

Mukmin played a key role in highlighting the eviction of the Bajau Laut community in Semporna earlier this month.

He brought to public attention an alleged operation to evict the nomadic people with the authorities demolishing their stilt houses.

One video showed several men pushing a dilapidated house until it collapsed, and another showed a woman lamenting the loss of her home and pleading for mercy from the “authorities”.


The demolition of these traditional homes from under the feet of women folk and kids whilst their men were out to sea is an act of utter barbarism.

What the police and the authorities ought to be looking into is WHO authorised this violation of international and national laws as was so shockingly captured by this brave NGO campaigner, not harassing him with an outdated law that the present government has pledged to abolish.

The appropriate section of the law to deal with Sea Piracy could meanwhile be applied to those thugs who pulled down this settlement, given their objective has been to plunder the resources of the area, dredge sand and desecrate Sabah’s natural environment.

That the state government is instead willing to preside over the targeting and bullying of legitimate reporting of such an act of barbarism tells you all you need to know about the involvement of ‘high up’ figures in this commercial enterprise grabbing up the public shorelines.

Thuggish abuse of office is the defining characteristic of illegitimate and corrupt regimes.  The federal government should act against the misuse of police power because the world is watching.

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