Sir Galahad Runs Out Of Steam?

Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Tiong King Sing appears set to be a no-show at the MACC headquarters in Putrajaya today.

The media have been waiting for the minister and the tourist he “rescued” from the KLIA last week since 8am, but have not spotted either of them.

They were supposed to be questioned by the MACC today over an incident at the airport, when the tourist – a China national – was denied entry.

Tiong claimed there was corruption involved in the incident, prompting a probe by the MACC.


Our comment

Having made a fine spectacle of his gallantry over the weekend, the bouncing Sarawak GPS Tourism Minister appears to have failed to carry out his ‘clean up operation’ against KLIA Immigration Services, in that he did not turn up as promised at the MACC.

What provoked this minister to rush personally overnight to the airport to secure the release of a young female Chinese official who had been detained by immigration (for reasons unknown) therefore remains unclear.

Why did he not just pick up the phone to the person in charge of such matters and allow due process to ensue?

If he suspected ‘corruption’ was involved in her detainment why has he not gone to the MACC to present his evidence?

Clearly there is a certain level of dignity accorded to his office and on several grounds it would, whatever the circumstances, have been better to have allowed a lesser person to go down to the airport, apparently late at night, to pick this lady up having demanded her release.

Advisors ought to suggest to this minister that protocol and decorum will protect him from general astonishment and the media furore that all this has provoked in future. If there are concerns about the behaviour of immigration officers he ought certainly bring this up with the appropriate ministry (not his) at the soonest convenience and urge a proper investigation by the right people.

He should meanwhile stable his white horse and resist the impulse to personally rescue young ladies in such a dramatic and newsworthy fashion should future concerns arise.

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