Stop Acting Like Children!

Kedah Umno members have lodged a police report against former Kedah menteri besar Mukhriz Mahathir for his remarks claiming that former premier Najib Abdul Razak is the “protagonist” behind his political downfall.

The group, led by Ahmad Sudin, a former Kedah state executive councillor cited Mukhriz’s remark when he quit the state’s top post yesterday at Wisma Darul Aman.

Accompanying Ahmad at the Alor Setar police headquarters were Umno members from Alor Gandak, Taman Bandar Baru, Hutan Kampung and Pokok Sena.

Ahmad said Mukhriz’s statement contained “seditious elements and malicious intent” to incite the public against Umno.

Our comment

It is asking a lot of the UMNO mentality, but it is seriously time Malaysian political types provided a sensible example to their communities and stopped running to the police station to settle all their quarrels.

Mature politicians ought to be able to rebut an argument with which they disagree in a sensible manner without complaining to ‘teacher’ or the local bobby in this case.

If Mukhriz thinks he was moved against by Najib, he is within his rights to say it. That’s politics. Feel free to answer back.

Modern democracies rely on people being able to openly express their views and opinions and laws such as ‘sedition’ and large chunks of the MCMC Acts are on the PH list of items to be rightly got rid of.

Unfortunately, the huge jobs left to be done in terms of chasing up UMNO’s political criminals and sorting out the results of all those thefts means such laws had not yet been removed from the statute books.

It is only criminal, backward politicians who seek to use them though, in order to silence rightful criticism.

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