United Mafia Network Organisation Shames Malaysia Once More

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri was booed by thousands of Umno members during party president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s special address today…

Members also shouted, “Where is Mail (Ismail)?” as he was the only prominent party leader seemingly absent from today’s special presidential address.

Ahmad Zahid also again called for Parliament to be dissolved soon, to pave the way for a general election (GE15).

“We believe that the government led by Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob will not let this hope fade away even if the date of the general election is delayed,” he told party members who responded with chants of “Bubar! (Dissolve)”.

Source: Malay Mail

Our comment

Desperation is not a pretty sight. It was not pretty to watch Najib’s disgraceful game-playing as he tried to conjure yet more delays to avoid his sentence and nor is it pretty to watch the thinly veiled threats of this party President who has had the bald cheek not to step down from that position whilst facing prosecution.

It seems neither man feared his God sufficiently to resist stuffing their pockets full of cash in the name of charity, but both are as scared as children to face a night behind bars – something they have happily inflicted on others who have crossed their ambitions without a second thought.

But it is a well known truth that criminals are generally cowards as are bullies who seek to turn a crowd against those seeking to uphold democratic principles and the law. As Zahid attempts every possible antic to force what he hopes is an election that he can win (by the usual trickery) he further demonstrates his guilt.

Fellow United Mafia Network Organisation (UMNO) leader Azalina Othman (she who for years vociferously claimed no money had been stolen from 1MDB) explained the strategy to the baying, red uniformed mob.

Put in a new AG who then not only withdraws all prosecution charges against those corrupted UMNO leaders whose cases had not yet got to court, she said, but who is also prepared to withdraw after the verdict has been delivered in the prosecution’s favour!

Simply not to contest any future ridiculous UMNO crook appeal these convicted kleptos seek to bring. That is the sort of AG Azalea wants her United Mafia party PM to appoint – she of course would adore to get the job.

This is what the Red Shirts want. So, what of this crook’s paradise they all are yearning for?  A Malaysia where some of the world’s most famous mafia party bosses would be elevated back into the heights of government to set about swindling and looting as before, with all their gangster followers liberated once more to extort, blackmail and bully their own communities without restraint.

Who in the world is going to invest one cent in such a place or dare come near?  Sri Lanka showed the way, Malaysians ought not to follow.

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