Who Is "Obsessing About Being PM"?

Stop obsessing about becoming PM ‘every day, week and month’, Azmin tells Anwar

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should prioritise helping Pakatan Harapan rebuild the country instead of obsessing over becoming the next prime minister, Datuk Seri Azmin Ali said today.

“You don’t have to talk about it (power transition) every day, every week and every month.

“When the people voted us in, they wanted us to reform and deliver and that should be the focus of the new government,” he told a press conference at Ames Hotel lobby today.

Azmin, who is the Economic Affairs Minister, said since PH had only come into power less than two years ago, the ruling coalition needs to work overtime to ensure the country’s stability.

“There is so much to do. We couldn’t even fulfil all the manifesto yet because that manifesto was planned for five years.

“We are committed to delivering it and we are here to ensure that we will deliver, but we have to work as a team. We should not undermine each other,” he said.

Our comment


That’s some Chutzpah from a tiresome plotter who has spent the last two years factionalising and undermining his boss, to the utter neglect of his party’s political agenda, purely because of his own obsession to take charge.

What other reason could there be for having turned PKR into a squabbling tribal mess rather than accepting line-management, attending meetings and focusing on the reforming agenda?

Why seek to delay the transfer of government to his own party leader and resort instead to flirting with every form of political enemy to undermine him if getting the top job was not Azmin’s own prime obsession?

The obstruction and betrayal has been momentus. Azmin has shown he is willing to team up with corrupt UMNO kleptocrats and bogus holymen from PAS rather than knuckle down, pay due respect and gratitude to a mentor who did ten years in jail and focus on the country, instead of his own soring ambitions.

Whatever the perceived slights or alleged disppointments (Azmin was granted a top office of state on his boss’s recommendation but plainly it was not enough) or plain impatience, such tantrums cannot be justified because the party and the people matter more than him.

Now, having just been offered reconciliation despite all the endless scenes and accepted it, it is reported that he has yet again insulted his forgiving boss by publicly calling him (not for the first time) “obsessed with becoming PM”.  Can this be true?

Under the circumstances Azmin should now immediately disown or recant those words, or leave the party.

Meanwhile, in case Azmeanies had not noticed, it is increasingly the whole country that is now obsessed with getting the transfer of power done and dusted. PH supporters now urgently want to crack on with the programme of change, which has stalled under the present compromise regime.

Dr Mahathir had a tough job to do, that of delivering a stable transfer of power and holding the country peacefully through a momentus period of change as certain criminals from the past regime are brought to book.  He has done that with great skill and dignity and it is a job almost done.

The delivery of change needs a new energy and a new government and the veteran prime minister has himself agreed the time to transfer is starting to approach and has indicated he will reasonably soon hand over – not to Azmin but to Anwar. That was the election pledge.

Yet, contrary to the pledges to the electorate and to the policies and commitments of his party, Azmin has over the past months primarily occupied himself in attempting to block that transition, announcing he wants to keep Mahathir in power beyond the old man’s own expected date whilst openly plotting with his party’s most crooked political enemies to snatch ‘backdoor’ control of government.

How better to demonstrate that it is in fact he that is “obsessed” with becoming prime minister, sadly at any cost?

If Anwar paid the penalty of his ambitions the sacrifice was to himself, through the years he spent in jail. Yet Azmin seems happy to let his party pay the cost for his own schemes, along with the hopes of the people who voted for it, as he jacks up any alliance he can muster with people who care nothing for Reformasi, purely to get the numbers that will put him in power.

For what purpose, people need to ask?  Because Azmin most certainly isn’t thinking of anyone but himself.

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