Growing Scandal – The London Connection!

Growing Scandal – The London Connection!

11 Jul 2010

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Exclusive – The Taibs Own Ridgeford Properties Limited, London

Tokenhouse Yard - Prestige Heritage Building (Next to the Bank of England)

Racehorses, residences in swanky Fitzrovia and offices bang next door to the Bank of England. Yes, the Taibs are in London too.  In this latest exclusive investigation, Sarawak Report can reveal the full details of Ridgeford Properties Limited, a multi-million pound property company in the UK, once again owned and funded by the family of Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud.

The London base of the Taib family’s international property portfolio was started in October 1996 under a Canadian, Chistopher Murray. Christopher Murray is the cousin of Sean Murray who is married to Jamilah Taib, the Chief Minister’s daughter and a key lynch-pin for his foreign property empire. Sean Murray acts as Chairman of Ridgeford, while Christopher has been appointed the London-based

Flagship Development off Oxford Street

Managing Director. Sean Murray is also President of Sakto Corporation in Canada and Sakti International in the USA, as well as a Director of Sitehost Pty in Australia. These are all major property companies of which his wife and her family (the Taibs) are the owners and shareholders

Again, whilst an impression has been given that Ridgeford Properties is part of a wider business started and owned by the Murray family, Sarawak report has established that it in fact relies on millions of pounds worth of soft loans from a private investor based in the British Virgin Islands. This investor has clear links to the Taib family fortune and to the public Sarawak-based company, which they largely own, CMS (Cahya Mata Sarawak).  Many questions have been raised as to the legitimacy of the Taib family’s ownership of CMS, which was once Sarawak’s largest state company, but was then ‘privatised’ by the Chief Minister into the hands of his own close family.

Central London Portfolio

Scores of Stylish Flats for Sale

Ridgeford Properties Limited currently boasts seven major Central London ‘mixed-use’ developments, including luxury flats and thousands of square feet of rented-out office space.  According to the company’s own online information,  just one such property, Tokenhouse Yard adjacent to the Bank of England, is netting the company £1.5 million in rent per annum, whilst of course remaining a valuable and appreciating asset.

All In The Family - Managing Director Chris Murray

Another stunning showcase for Ridgeford is 50 Bolsover Street, in Fitzrovia near Oxford Street.  This massive development is in partnership with the prestigious Royal National Othorpaedic Hospital and All Souls College, Oxford along with a fellow developer, the Manhattan Loft Company.  According to our research, the first part of this two-stage development has consisted of 210,000 square ft of prime property sold as 66 flats and 4 penthouses for between £1,000 and £1,200 per square foot – giving a total value of well over £210,000,000 (just over one billion ringgit at current exchange rates).   The second phase of the project, which is due to complete in 2012 will consist of another 60 flats for sale, making it almost as lucrative as stage one.

Modern Office Block Gets Top Rents For Taibs

Meanwhile, in trendy Clerkenwell another Ridgeford development, Ironmonger Row, has seen 12 ‘prestige appartments’ and 2 penthouses sell for what the company describes as ‘well in excess of previous developments in the area’. The company retains the lower part of the building for rent as retail and office space and boasts that this is occupied by top shoe designer Christian Louboutin.  Another property, a bright red, modern office high-rise, ‘Maple Street’, has secured a 15 year rent as the Headquarters for the famous travel company Thomas Cook at record prices, according to Ridgeford’s publicity material.

Developer with a difference is bullish over recession

Interestingly, while most London developers are now cash-strapped because of the credit crunch, Ridgeford Managing Director, Christopher Murray, says the company sees this period of recession as a good opportunity for more business.  As he explained to one reporter, “we see this period as an opportunity to buy right, as there is less competition.  Where there were once 30 companies chasing one

Ultra Modern Award-winning Architecture!

development now there will just be two”.  His statement clearly implies that Ridgford is less vulnerable than most to the current loan squeeze and this ties in with evidence from the company’s public financial records, which show that Ridgeford has access to sizable loans on highly favourable terms from a mysterious donor named Tess Investments, based in the British Virgin Islands.  Sarawak Report has found clear links between Tess Investments and the Taibs.

Links to Sakto Corporation Canada and the Taib Family

Ridgeford’s company websiteacknowledges that Ridgeford is a ‘sister company’ of Sakto Corporation, based in Ottawa Canada and run by Sean (Hisham) Murray, the husband of Jamilah Taib. Numerous members of  Murray’s family have become employed by Sakto since Sean’s marriage to Jamilah in 1987, including Brian Murray who is in charge of office letting in Ottawa, Thady Murray who acts as President of City Gate Corporation, another sister company, and Christopher Murray in London.

Christopher Murray claimed in a recent interview that Sakto is a “family business” started by “my cousin’s father and my father.  They had an architectural practice and then got into development”.  However, Sakto was in fact started in 1983 in Ottawa by Onn Mahmud, Mahmud Taib and Jamilah Taib, the Chief Minister’s brother, son and daughter, well before Jamilah met and married Sean Murray. Likewise millions of dollars had been invested in developments before Sean Murray became involved in the company.


Trendy Mixed Use - Clerkenwell

Sarawak Report therefore contends that Sakto and its sister companies are  in fact a Taib family business, which employs several members of Sean Murray’s family in different departments of its property empire.  According to Ridgeford’s financial records Christopher Murray was paid a salary of £178,175 in 2009, a considerable rise from £47,917 in 1998, which apparently enables him to live in a £5 million apartment, as he claimed in the same recent interview. Ridgeford accounts also indicate the company has funded a racehorse in past years, indicating certain added value to be gained from working for the in-laws.

The financial connection

Ridgeford Properties, according to its 2009 Financial Statement ‘relies significantly’ on loans.  This includes over  £15.5 million of  mostly interest-free and open ended loans, from Tess Investments, c/o Equity Trust (BVI) Ltd, PO Box 438, British Virgin Islands.  It is notable that Tess Investments was incorporated on 23rd October 1996, the day before Ridgeford was incorporated in London on October 24th 1996. The majority of these loans are not secured on any properties owned by Ridgeford, representing stunningly generous terms from anyone who was not a direct shareholder of the company.

50 Bolsover Street - 60 More Fancy Flats Due For the Market by 2012

The original shareholder of Ridgeford was in fact a company called Astar Properties, incorporated on October 4th 1996, also in the British Virgin Islands (a well-known tax haven) and also sharing the same Equity Trust Agent and PO Box  438 address.  Astar Properties also has shares in Sitehost Pty, the Australian property company belonging to the Taibs.

It is notable that CMS (Cahya Mata Sarawak) the once state-owned company that was ‘privatised’ into the Taib’s family’s personal control by the end of 1996 also has a banking division in the British Virgin Islands.  CMS in the BVI is also registered at the very same PO Box 438 address and with the same agent, as Astar Properties and Tess Investments, according to information made public by Equity Trust and available on the internet.

In 2001 documents show that Astar’s shareholding in Ridgeford was then passed directly to City Gate International Corporation, which is based at Sakto’s Headquarters in Ottawa.  Jamilah Taib and Sean Murray are the registered directors of City Gate and Thady Murray is employed as President.

Sarawak Report therefore challenges the Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud to acknowledge that Ridgeford Properties in London was set up and financed by the Taib family and remains part of the Taib global property empire, which is largely owned and ultimately controlled by himself.  We further ask how with him earning a salary of just 20,000 ringgit a month his family has been able to afford to pay millions of pounds into this property company and others across the globe.  So far the Chief Minister has found no answer to our revelations, so will it be different this time?

Sarawak Report will be posting further pictures and documents relating to this story in due course.

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  • Sang Kancil

    Thieves and crooks. They are the scums of societies. Worst still they, Taib's family. proclaimed to be MUSLIMS! Disgusting.

  • Dharma

    The nation is being plundered as we watch. This will go on if we do not hold politicians accountable and put their dealings to public scrutiny. Sarawak Report is doing great public service by unearthing this information and publishing it.

  • Paul The octopus

    Why there is no official complaint being lodged ? Anyone can lodge to the MACC ? I am wondering why malaysian is not keen to take their corrupted leader to court….if is at korea/jpn , he will have commited suicide before bring to trial…

  • Sad Bujang

    Very sad indeed!

    Here people face no jobs and the lives are getting increasingly unbearable.

    Yet we have George Chan, Jabu, Masing, Mawan, Awang Tengah, Abang Jol…still willingly deceived the people to support BN (=Taib) to help him to rob us even poorer!

    When will the Ibans wake up and throw these scums away???

    Will the day ever come????

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  • putrasantubong

    This is a classic example of a "1st. Class scumbag and slime-of-the-earth s.o.b. of a first degree prostitute"!!!

    ehehehehehe! how daya like my 'personal' "Quotation" for this type of character? 'coz I personally believe nothing else would fit or would do justice to describe this… this… this..!! see? words just can't describe it and you'll just get upset for nothing! kahkahkahkah!!

    Eeeeeeeeee!!! GERAMNYA AKU!!!!!! @#$%^&*!!!

  • goupama

    The Malaysian anti corruption agency is probably controlled by all the corrupted politicians. I hope the MACC can show some back bone and teeth.

  • Iban Abroad

    I did not see any muslim condenm this scums. Does it more halal than non-muslim called Allah as their God?

    • Libau anak Sangkan

      To Iban abroad,

      nuan anang bejako munyi nya, ngait hal taib tu ka pasal muslim. Anang nguji pembrani ka dirik, laban muslim is just a religion while a corruption of Taib is just a matter of between malaysian regardless he/ she is sarawakian or others states. Cara nuan nanyak pasal taib tu ulih nyinggung ati orang muslim lalu kami ba malaysia tu lebih agik bala kitai Iban enda nyamai ati laban kami ba menoa diatu sama serakup deka ngelaban Taib. Nuan ka enda nemu cerita kami begulai ditu lalu main lantak ngapa. Udah agi nuan bejako pasal agama tauka bansa. Anag meri malu bansa Iban! Enti nuan deka bejako, bepikir meh dulu, pilih ka jako manah, anang sebarang lantak, ngemedis ka ati mensia bukai.

      aku arap ka nuan ulih meri pemansang ka negeri kitai lebuh maiya nuan pulai menoa ila lebih agi ngatur utai salah iya ka udah di gaga Taib enggau kaban iya selama tu.

    • lisa suriharu

      Are you sure we muslim sarawakians condone to all the injustice subjected to the Ibans, Penans and other races while taib and family rob, steal and oppress the powerless people just to indulge themselves in such opulence?

      Definitely not! Yeah, sure… he and his family amassed such wealth in the billions… but how long is he and the family gonna last anyway. Will they live forever? Allah is never unfair. Taib will get what is due to him. sooner or later.

      In the meantime, we as Sarawakians should not just talk but stand up for our rights and kick this tyrant from his post. We should show it by voting wisely in the next election.

      We Sarawak muslims are also of the opinion, enough is enough.

      • bucklynn rimbar

        well said, its not religion or creed but a universal truth dat even God Seats on them namely truth justice n fair not lies corruption n robbery.

  • Non Judgemental

    it's not a crime if you don't get caught…

    • bucklynn rimbar

      are you trying to say its o.k to rape or kill or lie or cheat as long u don get caught??????how about the victims of ur crime????

      i m asking u, wat if Sum one rape ur daughter??????…..are u saying its o.k as long he is not caught for d crime??????

      u hav to change ur values cos u hav been in this corrupt culture u don know wat is morally right n wrong.

      lets change bout perception of right n wrong not compromise n Suffer.

  • Sad Bujang

    Come next election, BN (Taib) wii win big as the Iban appear to wear blinkers and could only see BN and no body else!!!

    What to do???

    You don't believe? Go to the Ulus and talk to them…watch and hear their replies!!!!

    Jabu, Masing, Mawan must be castrated to deceive them so much until they are so blind. No medicine can save them anymore.

    Soon, all timber gone, all NCR gone, Taib will fly away to live overseas and they are left behind "high and dry".

  • Wilton Sonne

    I really love what you post here, very refreshing and intelligent. One issue though, I'm running Firefox on Fedora and parts of your layout pieces are a little wonky. I know it's not a common setup, but it's still something to keep an eye on. Just shooting you a heads up.

  • Fritzgerald Gerena

    Insya Allah we can have a better Malaysia come GE13,this slimey politician must be exterminated by all costs;Alhamdulilah!

  • victor

    enough is enough…all Malaysians, especially all Sarawakians shuould know all this facts and from now on, a campaign must be started to ensure more people read and hear of all this scams. To a better Malaysia…we want changes.

  • http://nil tahirothman

    In Islam slamming others is prohibited..any crime committed requires proof… not based on hearsay…if not you will carry the sin of others.

    • john Lennon

      You are a fool…do not bring your religious crap to the real situation at hand. Corruption is a sin irrespective of your faith. You seem not to understand that the answer for Sarawak lies with the defeat of the BN government and the return of a stable and corrupt free admistration that will serve the people for the future generations.

      • borneo sun

        tahi othman is either a muslim bigot or a tahi mahu sycophant or both. it's people like who continues to condone and support evil and corrupt politicians. it's a known fact that Pay Him Silly Tahi Mahu is one of the most infamous kleptocrat in this world & yet tahi othman is in denial of it. another sad day for sarawak to have the likes of him among us.

    • lisa suriharu

      Yes that's true tahirothman, but you forget. To fight tyranny and injustice, in Islam we are allowed to highlight all the injustice perpetrated on the poor and powerless.

      What more evidence do you need? All can see the injustice that have been perpetrated by this tyranny and yet you still condone his action?

      If more are like you, Sarawak will die soon enough while taib and co. live happily in all his opulence in some other countries.

  • antu pala

    How has this utter madness been allowed to continue for so long? Seriously, time for some headhunting.

    • Pusu, Belachan &

      Iban leaders (Jabu, Masing & Mawan)& Chinese leader (Chan) are all his (Taib) puppets. All of them only know how to polish his balls and lick his feets.

      We can do nothing until new politician rise up with CLEAN attitude. ATM, better don't go voting. PKR & DAP are not that good eitherway.

      • bucklynn rimbar

        well said….ya,at the moment no leaders/politicians can fill the vacuum…..certainly not PKR…once they established their hold in sarawak…we don know wat the west malaysian wil do to us sarawakians…..we hav gud n capable sarawakians jus that the present political system don giv them a chance,regardless of race or creed jus sarawakians.

  • FN

    While Sarawak is de-forested, parts of London get re-forested this morning. And by Ridgeford Properties. Rich irony.




    Local residents and businesses today marked the arrival of 53 chanticleer pear trees in Weymouth Street, London W1 with a ceremonial tree planting by local resident Barbara Windsor MBE.

    The ceremony was organised through a partnership between W1W Tree Planting Initiative, Westminster Tree Trust and Westminster City Council.

    The project, which began in 2008, has now completed its first two objectives following the planting of 40 trees on Hallam Street in 2009. The scheme aims to have planted a total of 250 trees in the East Marylebone area by the end of spring 2011.

    Following the ceremony, attended by The Lord Mayor Locum Tenens and local Councillor Harvey Marshall, a ceremonial plaque was unveiled to commemorate the occasion.

    Chris Murray, Managing Director of Ridgeford Properties said:

    “We believe that companies should take pride in their local surroundings. It is important that businesses get involved in initiatives like these, work with local residents groups and use their influence to promote change in the area.”

    Mark Gazaleh, local resident and Co-ordinator of the W1W Tree Planting Initiative said:

    “The support we have had from companies like Ridgeford Properties has been invaluable in providing these trees for the area. They will make a real difference to the local environment and help make the area a more pleasant place to work and live.”

    The W1W Initiative aims to improve the quality of life for those living and working in the Marylebone area through the planting of trees. Other companies involved in the initiative include, The Princess Grace Hospital, Harley Street Clinic, Langham Hotel, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose amongst many others.

    ——ENDS —–

    Media contact

    Emma Capon

    [email protected]

    0207 8612434

    Notes to Editors

    Ridgeford Properties is a property company that specialises in high-quality commercial and residential developments. Since its formation in 1996, Ridgeford Properties has created more than 500,000 sq. ft. of high-quality accommodation in central London and is the leading property developer in the Marylebone and Fitzrovia areas. Its success comes from adapting global real estate concepts in order to provide London with imaginatively designed buildings that deliver exceptional value for its customers.
    For further information on the Westminster Tree Trust

    More information on The W1W Tree Planting Initiative can be found here

  • awmosa pesysh


  • http://sarawakreport anak sarawak

    aku pemadu pedis hati ketegal penghianat taib mahmud ketagal ngerampas borneo land ba kawasan kpg Gran stumbin,tanah aku empu kena sereta enggau semua tanah orang kpg gran(bukit munggu gran) agi mega tanah nya dibayar tiap-tiap tahun,baka ni sida penghianat taib mahmud oleh ngerampas tanah nya sedangkan pala tanah nya agi chap British ba surat tanah,betul-betul lanun penghianat taib mahmud.ambis semua pokok durian enggau pokok engkabang sereta enggau pokok buah ti bukai di tebang syrikat pembalakan penghianat taib mahmud.aku minta semua rakyat sarawak tidak kira mana-mana bangsa bersatu masa election 2011 tu ila mangkah PKR,semina PR(DAP,PAS,PKR,SNAP) aja oleh mai bangsa serawak bebas ari diperintah BN.

    aku besampi ngagai petara(GOD)arap ka PR sarawak 2/3 majority election tu ila ngamdi ka rakyat oleh merintah ka diri baka singapore enggau brunei enda patut kitai rakyat sanggup dijajah Melaya,peda kita sampai team main bola disebut sida Harimau melaya anang agi baka petronas(LNG) semua orang semanjung bekerja dia nama rakyat sarawak nadai pemandai oleh meggai post tinggi dia,cukup-cukup meh kitai rakyat sarawak dianak tiri oleh melaya."vote for PR hidup rakyat serawak"

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  • sri_keranji

    Long Live the 'beloved' Chief Minister

    Long Live and shall you rot in Hell

    The Malays and Dayaks left disaster

    The BIG Chinese you gaves them wealth.

    Long Live the 'behated' Chief Minister

    Long live your cronies in big bungalows

    No dayaks you appoint as City mayor

    Even the Malays you scolded them 'buffalos'.

  • imam frustrated

    hidup taib untuk 35tahun lagi kerna semua org tak akan goleng mu,kamu menang tampa bertanding lagi.semua org sarawak gundi kamu,hanya sikit saja yang bankang itu pun kami kenak bankang kerna bankang.apa nak dikato,kato di blogg bayok tapisik da erti.semua buang masa.cakap banyak pun sik guna agik.taib tetap jadi ketua penyamun sarawak di sokong oleh 70puluh percent orang sarawak.aku dah sik tahu pao nak dikato.selamat sejahtra semua yang beblogg.harap kita berjumpa lagi.harap harap aku yang salah,taib sik akan menanng.munnya menanng kerna orang sarawak masih sayang dan mahu ditidas lagi.tok bukan pasal kaum dan ugama.tok pasal taib disokong semua orang sarawak.kita cakap ajak lebih.semua kitak tok,aku dan kamu semua cakap ajak lebih.kita semua takut.

  • anak batu kawa

    yalah aku madah…..sik ku medor…..mun mun kau kat tempat ia pun macam ia jua……nya nang benar…..aoklah. dolok aku bekas YB jua…abis pasir kat rantau batu kawa ilir ulu ,aku hentam…..ia baru jadi YB,genga dah pengulu gan dak KK agig dasat nya……

  • hancur be end



  • Joshua Y C Kong

    Don't be complacent that Taib will lose the elections simply there is some speculations.

    It is plain and simple many would be disappointed as Election Commission does rig the electoral system allowing Taib to win again.

    If the Election Commission does it again, then it is a fraud.

    It is quite hard to prove the electoral frauds unless the persons who did it for money like Judas would expose the official scam.

    Sarawak being a largely rural nations and difficult communication make it easy to switch ballot boxes which are not numbered to be controlled. Even if ballot papers are switched, who have the opportunities to check them.

    As in the official records, the Election Commission did a bad job siding with the incumbent likely for greed.

    This is just one of the several website on the massive frauds.
    Sawarak without a simultaneous Parliament voting is difficut to verify the discrepancies of ballot paper issued.

    We need to get rid of the illegal Governments by a RCI.

  • MataKucing


  • http://Nil Steven Lee

    We study Physics…Newton's 3rd Law: To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! This will definitely hit back on this white baboon and all his cronies, be they frogs or crocodiles! We believe heaven knows and they can't run away not even in this life!

  • Timo

    Sarawak people, those much money should go to the people of Sarawak, not these Barisan Nasional people. Those billions dollar should be for:

    1. free solar powered equipments in the jungle,

    2. free wells water,

    3. free water filters,

    4. hightech food production in jungle (not palm oil trees),

    5. free highway,

    6. more police and

    7. more universities in Sarawak, etc.

    Look at what Penang state has achieved:

    In a short period of two years, Penang state (Pakatan Rakyat led by DAP) is the ONLY state in the history of Malaysia since 1957 to receive a praise, in 2009, from Transparency International:

    (,(See page 272: download [page 247-304])

    How does corruption affect people’s lives?

    Around the globe, corruption impacts people’s lives in a multitude of ways. In the worst cases, corruption costs lives. In countless other cases, it costs their freedom, health, or money. It has dire global consequences, trapping millions in poverty and misery, while breeding social, economic and political unrest. Corruption is both a CAUSE of poverty, and a barrier to overcoming it.

  • aku mau kaya macam t

    once macc investigate taib,there's a probability the rest won't dare to be involved in corruption.

    macc ada dengar kh?

    tangkap customs officers is not enough..

    tangkap taib dan konco-konco nya…

  • dayak thinker

    The government will never arrest TAIB MAHMUD because Taib is government's banker and the best part is UMNO AND TAIB ARE PERFECTLY THE SAME. They do the same thing ever since.

  • http://None Robert Wilkinson

    Why O Why can he get away with it everybody scared of him Why you see in Egypt Mubarak is down for sure Gadaffie will fall also its only a matter of time None so Big as those so Small If USA Canada UK Swiss all put together Najib would have to Act if he wants to stay in Control.

  • babeh_kuran_nephew

    To all Dayak@Bidayuh. Taib Mahmud now are in deep trouble. Almost every country where Taib keep his money now are doing their investigation on money laundering. All his children Jamilah Hamidah Taib, Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib, Hanifah Hajar Taib are under investigation too. Many company and other company all over the world start to stop doing business with company associate with Taib’s family and cronies. Most of this company do not want to be investigate by foreign country. All Taib’s cronies are still working have been bribe. Hundred’s of transaction of money worth million’s ringgit have been done in foreign bank. Total amount of transaction near billions of ringgit.

    Note for Taib:-

    “If you can easily bribe anyone, or any cronies. Someone else will easily bribe them. Your money will never enough for them. Do you have enough money to bribe back all your cronies and business involvement when someone willing to pay higher price for it? This bribe worth 10 times of your business value. It start circulating from a business value RM1mill until hundred’s of million.”

    Please take note this.