“Utter Disgust” – PKR Leader Baru Bian Speaks Out

“Utter Disgust” – PKR Leader Baru Bian Speaks Out

13 Jul 2010

Baru Bian inspects Ridgeford Property's Flagship Development, 50 Bolsver Street, London

One Shocking Report After Another

Sarawak’s PKR Leader Baru Bian has expressed his “utter disgust” at the extent of the foreign properties owned by the Chief Minister and his family, as revealed in a series of recent exposes by Sarawak Report. “For us it has been shocking as we read one report after another”, he said.

The opposition leader also explained that the information, which has been kept hidden until now, has served to further highlight the “huge disparity” between the Chief Minister and ordinary people in Sarawak, who are amongst the poorest in Malaysia, despite the natural wealth of the state.

Bian, who inspected some of the properties owned by the Taibs in a recent visit to London, nevertheless fears that the billions of ringgit of assets uncovered by Sarawak Report in Canada, the USA, London and Australia are only the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to the Taibs’ stolen wealth.  His challenge to the Chief Minister is uncompromising, “Taib’s silence since the first report implies there is a strong degree of truth to these reports.  There has been no response from him yet.  We want a denial and if it is not true he needs to take action.  If not, there is an irresistible conclusion that he is definitely the man, The Godfather, behind the source”.

Perfect Penthouses

Our priority is to get back this stolen wealth

Sarawak Report has made clear it has documented evidence to back up all its revelations about the Taibs’ property and that the vast majority of the information is available to members of the public online, through official registries and court documents.  This evidence will be made available to bodies such as the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) on request.

Meanwhile, Baru Bian emphasises that one of the first priorities for PKR on taking power would be to gain restitution of this wealth.  “This is the wealth of the people and just as restitution has been done in the Philippines and Indonesia, it must be delivered here in Sarawak”.  The PKR leader also pointed out that in China, the country on which the Chief Minister is relying to support his much-criticised dam building exercise, any embezzlers from the State are harshly dealt with.

Where is the MACC?

In a final comment Bian issued a weary plea to the MACC.  “All my long-held suspicions [about the Taibs’ wealth] are now confirmed and it all leads to the Godfather.  The MACC must take action immediately because it involves the huge wealth of the state.  He cannot remain Chief Minister”.  The PKR leader however acknowledged that the anti-corruption agencies have a dismal record under the present regime.  “If we want to do anything about this we have to change who is in power” he said, calling for unity and focus among all opposition forces in Sarawak.

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  • Jeffrey Lim

    Corruption is the norm in Malaysia instead of the exception. The bigger the sum involved the more likely it is for the perpetuayor(s) to get away scot free. Why are we Malaysians still voting for BN and their running dogs. Why do we keep these corrupt manipulators in Power to oppress us. Rise up before all is lost and throw out the oppressors, with your ballots. Look at our Malay brothers in FELDA. Look at our Sarwakians and their Native Custodian Land. Look at the Sabahans who are becoming a minority in their own land. Enough is enough.

  • Beetle

    There are billions of dollars of stolen wealth to be recovered from the corrupt CM.. The billions if recovered can do a lot of good for the hard core poor in the interior of Sarawak.

    Who says Sarawak is one of the poorest state of Malaysia.Sarawak is poor because of the decades of abuse,and plunder by the CM and his cronies.

    Let's pray for justice to be done for the people of Sarawak.

    But unless PR can win over the votes of the rural poor,there is no way justice can be serve.

  • Lee KL

    Be patient bro.

    Sooner or later, he will meet his Lord.

    Am I right, Taib?

  • Eng Hoe

    You are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work my friend. You probably cannot remember me. I was in HLT in London doing law and you were my senior. Fight on to the end, and God will be with you. Altho' I am not a Sarawakian, I will be praying for you and others who are fighting corruption. Malaysia needs a transformation from inside out. Today we need to be not only disgusted but courageous enough to fight corruption.

  • zik

    with all these exposures..and yet sarawakian still voted BN in the next election…all i can say is you guys deserved each other!!

  • tsunami unleashed

    Taib is an utter asshole, corrupted, cheater, greedy… and power-crazy..

  • mykantree

    Yes, in China they mete out all the right justice to such corrupts.They put a rifle bullet into the back of their heads. That's what is needed in Malaysia to properly deal with such corruption.Their de-generates must also not be allowed to profit from nor enjoy all those ill-gotten wealth.

  • Nobody

    even if all the property is proven to be linked to Taib, it does not mean it all belongs to the State.

    to be fair, if 10 million was stolen and well invested 10 years ago, and is now worth 50 million, can you say all 50 million belongs to the State?

    • Vote4BetterSarawak

      Of course. How and where did you get the capital for such "illegal" investments? You stole trillions to enrich yourself without paying a single cent as interest. The trillions could prove a much better investment to the state if it was not leaked in the first place.

    • Vote4BetterSarawak

      And if that is the mentality of the people, they might as well rob as many banks as they wish, using the money robbed, making profitable investments, then return the capitals to the banks they robbed so as to avoid prosecution, and then they can freely and legally enjoying the fortune they amassed through such heinous deeds.

    • http://www.malaysia-net.com GE13

      Nobody (rightly named) This is called Criminal Breach of Trust. Using state's money to invest and then claiming that the income generated from this invested money as his is a criminal act and he should be convicted right away. Comprehend??

  • Christopher Lo

    Well done Baru Bian. Where is Sim Kwang Yang on this issue?

    Come on SKY. Speak out.

    • words

      Dear Christopher Lo,

      SKY’s health does not permit him to write at this time and I believe he will not silence if he is healthy, I wish he get well soon. please pray for him. Juses Love you.

    • jau aka Kavuk bah

      Chris,i agree with you on SKY.This is the people that should appear and help at the right place and timing.

  • ajajal

    Bro, you have to work harder to expose Taib to your people .They have been comfortable with the shortchanges left over by BN . Compare the photos with the long houses it is very sad to see your people being taken for lousy rides all this years. Agree, that all this evil gains by Taib needs to be

    recovered how?? Get your party to get voters and enrich them of the need to kick out BN. Even some of your people is against the opposition you need to tell them with or without the opposition the truth is to get Taib evil gain back.

  • eckhardt

    To Nobody

    of course all the RM50mil belongs to the state.

    without the RM10mil stolen cash, there would not be an asset increase of RM40mil.


    Nobody says:

    July 15, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    even if all the property is proven to be linked to Taib, it does not mean it all belongs to the State.

    to be fair, if 10 million was stolen and well invested 10 years ago, and is now worth 50 million, can you say all 50 million belongs to the State?

  • Sad Bujang

    All exposures are shocking??

    We all have known for years what this greedy CM and his Uncle have done to us.

    But if election is going to be held next week, BN (=Taib) will win big again!!!!

    You see!

    I know becuase I went around ulus and saw that the Ibans could only vote BN (Taib) because they hhd been brain-washed for so long and are like horses with blinkers!!!!Could anybody do anything to change them despite you all crying about injustice, high-handedness, robbing them off their land………??????

    I think PKR will never win……!!!

    • Christopher Lo

      You are damned right Taib will big in the next election. There is only one way to do this. We need some kind of revolution!!!

      • Christopher Lo

        I mean Taib will win big in the next election. Sorry for the typo.

    • http://www.malaysia-net.com GE13

      To win big in GE13, PR should do their homework and act now. They must reach out to the people now and not wait till the election campaign because as seen in the Sibu by-election, BN will use ways and means to prevent PR representatives to reach the people in the long house. BN does not have the right to do that but how to fight these gangsters?

  • jau aka Kavuk bah

    Dear PKR,

    As we all are in this struggles, i strongly believe that we are in the right track to change for good.be patience and oue r effort will pay,sooner or later.

    • Christopher Lo

      This is ridiculous. Taib has been CM since 1981. That is 29 years and counting. And you ask me to be patient?

  • aksadai

    To whom it may concern

    it's disappointing to see how tai mamut has accumulated

    his ill gotten wealth over the years at the expense of

    the majority poor n illeterate rural populace. Whilst they posses

    such a massive fortune abroad n locally most of us are

    desperate for our next meals. Amongst his partner in crime are

    his singaporean son in law, Lebanese bro in law,etc who were nobody

    but now become king of swk owning thousand hectares of land.

    Hence, it's imperative that we should form Gagasan Anti Taib(GAT) as

    the relevant govt agencies I.e macc have failed miserably to investigate

    let alone prosecute him n family members.

    For those of u out there pls consider or come up with any other

    form of effective action plan to investigate,prosecute ,recover our

    stolen wealth n most important of all REMOVE HIM from power

  • Christopher Lo

    It appears SKY is well enough to write. Thank God. He has a beautiful piece on the nostalgia on the movie cinemas in Sarawak in "Hornbill Unleashed" today. SKY, please comment on the Taib madness in Sarawak. We eagerly await your learned opinion. May you keep well.

  • Ban Ka Li

    Welldone,Mr Baru please keep on the good work and initial a pressued group to pressure those countries and government to first FREEZE all those suspected wealth and properties of our country corrupted politicians, including Mr Marverick and PM Bugis etc..and bring them to court to prove that those wealth and properties are legally thiers..else, same would be returned to the raykats and if PR can work together, once and for all to use the above prior to an election, and able to rose the voters feelings,to do justice and catch to thief/thieves…it would be the responsibility of all voters irespective of races or political differences..and once for all and ALL FOR ONE…kicj up the BN and let's us VOTE PR…..change change change..55 yr/22 yrs is too long

  • susie

    Truths cannot be hidden. Even Suharto after 32 years came to an end. And what a lousy end. God is just. This CM cannot cheat God even if he can cheat men and the Sarawakians fooled year after year. I am awaiting to see with much interest how God deals with this man's end.

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  • Michelle constantine

    Great work Baru Bian…and time will tell how long you need to put all those evidence together ?..not keen on polictic as it alwasy dirty..and I was born grown up in sarawak..not impressed with what they gov had doned toward the iban…hey that is life ..Had a great successful life currently lived oversea…glad it all of the sarawakian unite and have equal share unfornutely some of they naitive was not well educated as a result no money..no power…they just accepted it even it hurting them..Glads Baru Bian got the gut to dig it out….go for it ….

  • B B c

    The things is Sarawakians still support this greedy CM,especialy most of the developer in sarawak,any big project they will kiss his asshole,been so many years,this asshole cm already took away most of the money to other country,Sad part is NO one say anything,people of Sarawak just let the greedy Cm do anything he want.NO MORE!! enough is enough.Thanks to MR Baru.

    Sarawak,wait up,we need good CM to lead Sarawak,not the greedy Taib's family,Taib's family cheat Sarawak,Taib's family should be lock in jail for good.

    To the beautiful people of SARAWAK,ls time for you to change Sarawak, lt's your land,you have your right,don't be afraid of this greedy Taib's family,is time for Taib's to go to jail.

  • B B c

    To the opposition leader of SARAWAK:

    Don't just talk,is time for you to do good thing's for SARAWAK people,is your responsibility to find out where Taib's family money come's from.

    • Tasik Biru Bau

      Why worry about where it came from…the answer is obvious..daylight robbery and rape!! cant you see….

  • http://www.yahoo.com ausjawa

    What is rhe best solution to put Taib Mahmod down and recover all the wealth/money stolen, before he become TUN.!!!!!

    By how we can achieve and go approach to MACC about this metter.

    Onmy side where i come from, All the Tuai Rumah is/are from BN, I need people to advice me how to encounter this problem with old local in long house!!!

    Baru Bian, please Advice if u can so i can tell the blind poor Iban in the long houses.!!!

    • B B c

      The best solution,is all depend on Sarawak people,do they still want their cheat minister to cheat them or good Chief Minister to lead Sarawak ?I strongly believe that lot's of Sarawak people already know their cheat minster Taib's madbud and his regime are corrupt,even MACC already know about it,but the sad part is no one do anything about it.So again,it's all depend on Sarawak people!!!!

    • Tasik Biru Bau

      MACC is controlled by Najib…you think he will touch Taib when the survival of BN is on the line and depends on Taib..Najib is NOT mad !!

  • 3rd Mile Kopi Tiam

    Can some one update on SKY health. I missed his column dearly.

  • http://google Untu

    The BIG question is how can the money be retreived and how should it be spent? But first let's retrieve it…

    I wonder if the countries with British legal systems where the white rajah has hidden all the money will let caveats be registered on all caveatable real estate?

    The ground for such caveats is of course that our friend is really holding the properties in trust for the people of Sarawak.

    Why not start in London the fountain whence the plunderers (you know who the gang is) came and went and caveat all the rajah's empire there?….

    Then he will come out to resist the caveats and there will be court battle royales on this issue and then all matters of stolen wealth can be fully aired.

    How can he justify accumulation of all this wealth if not in trust for the poor Sarawak natives (includes all born there lah!)….

    Further, next time a writ should be sought and issued for his arrest in London for

    1. the crime of major grand theft of Swak wealth and the crime of intentional infliction of mental and physcial injury (by causing major sufferings) to the people especially those in the ulu/timberlands!

    2. Restitutuion of the wealth to the Swak people….

    It's near enough to a major war crime as he robbed and injured thousands of ulu people. Injuries in the form of physical assault, dispossession of land and causing the people to sleep roofless in the tropical climate and to heightening their sufferings from hunger, want and diseases etc. The crimes pile up if you link up his criminal acts with the effect on the people…It's not compensation but complete restitution of the wealth to the people

  • Tasik Biru Bau

    We have to give it to Taib political brilliance and sleight of hand , that he has been able to fool the majority if not ALL sarawakians including the most intelligent and educated elite.. HOW did he do it… ? His strategy of "Politics of Development" is for the consumption of the gullible and trusting Sarawakians. His Cash Patronage is for his cronies.. all the elite are imprisoned in his pocket..the Power is MONEY. It seems that our educated elite has ery little moral standard or value. The poor and downtrodden will remain where they belong.. accoding to Taib. Awang Tengah said " people complain and raise the NCR issue at the last Bt Ai by election, but still voted BN in.." Read.." You idiots" !!

  • The Oppressed

    This the biggest theft of the century. We want justice.

  • http://Sarawakreport O Mo(Black hair)

    In 1976,the voters of Sabah threw out Tun Mustapha after less than 10 years being chief minister.In 1985 they threw out Harris Salleh, also less then 10 years being CM. Both were corrupt and tyrannical. By the same proportion, Sarawak voters should have thrown out Pek Mo/Tahi Mahu/Taib Mahmud 3 times in 29 years.

    Come on, Sarawak voters, when are you going to wake up and learn from Sabah voters?

  • http://google BINTAGOR NEW HOPE

    After well said and done, only GOD can punish him. No human law can touch this supreme white hair devil no matter what crimes he committed, not in our "just and democratic" country, I believe he will get what he deserves when the time comes especially from the almighty GOD.Please "pray" for him and then maybe Sarawak will be a prosperious state in Malaysia.

  • mobidick

    where are they?(SPRM @ MACC)…are they sleeping? or goyang pelir only? or afraid like chicken? or makan gaji buta? or also take coruption?

  • http://fleshlight.squarespace.com/ Loris Diestel

    Millions of Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese, Philippinos in this country – not one terrorist attack from these groups. I suppose you consider a gift that the few Muslims in this country perpetrated the largest attack on US soil in the history of the US. A gift of sharing their culture with us

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  • Dooomers

    Baru Bian

    Well done. How ever your are going for your 'destruction'. Not many Iban listen to you narrow mindedness. You are good to fight justice on land issues BUT we Ibans doubts your leadership qualities. Anwar, Zaid, Lee Lam Thye and thousand more are a professional politicians and look at them NOW. One stage in their life, they have to make an important decision like Lee Lam Thye and many more to be relevant as a real fighter for justice and be respected for their social fighting spirits. We feel that you stick to your legal peofessionalism and fight more for rakyat justice – then we Iban feel proud of you ..and your ancestors! don't waste your talents and stoop so low to glorify Anwar – the sob

  • Dooomers

    I am not being sarcastic but let us be frank. Baru Bian is good in his legal profession and a fighter to the rakyat. Again I doubts his leadership qualities. He cannot manage PKR and get himself voted for a decent post – I do not know whom he will command in Sarawak to vote him to be CM. YOU are alone friend … amongst those PKR's wolves who will leave you high and dry. Open up your mind my Iban folks. Do not ever be called stupid again for fighting Anwar PKR and Baru Bian only. You will regret for life. Even if you win I doubt you can form a cabinet even in a Nipah Hut in the middle of Kapit's or Betong's jungle. Yes..yes… you native voters will be the mayas and urang utan. You give shame to us Ibans to associate yourself with Anwar. Don't we Ibans have better leaders to be followed.

  • Simon


    I want you to know that I am praying for a man to rise to the occasion like you. It is not a lost cause. God is clear in his Word that He defend the cause of the poor and marginalise.(Job5:8-16, Ps34:6,35:10,140:12, Prov14:31,17:5, 19:17,etc) I have no problem with our CM being a rich man but disgust that Sarawak remain poor and wealth distribution is utterly disgusting.The state wealth has been fleeced by fe individual. The Dayak & other indegenious Bumiputra in Sarawak appears to be systematically marginalised in term education, economic opportunities & the list can go on. I read in Sarawak report stating portfolio under CM represent about 60% of the State Budget while the remaining 40% are for other 10 portfolios held by different Ministers. Although not under CM direct portfolio, he is the Chairman of the State Planning & CONTROL 100% of the projects in the state. I think it will not be far to suspect why our Sarawak BN YBs does not make any noise other than the opposition.If they make noise, the pipe to their rice bowl will run dry or just drips. Therefore we need strong opposition in order to have proper voice for the poor community in the state govt. The poor are the Iban, Bidayuh, OU which represent about 32%, 10% & 5% of the state population respectively. I am sure there are poor Chinese, Melanau, Malays as well.The voters need awareness of the reality of the ill distribution of wealth & oppression of the needy by showing credible statistics. The people also need to be educate & be prepared to properly support the change when it come so that it will not be a culture shock & chaotic like the make belief report on PKR in Selangor.

  • http://teddy12lancaster.shutterfly.com/ karl garg

    Wonderful work! The information presented was very beneficial. Lets hope that you maintain the excellent job succesfully done.

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  • bucklynn rimbar

    if taib is gotten rid of sucessfully,who wil fill the vacuum and wil sarawak hav a stable administration.we hav to look for good a capable leader who can lead the state,from a gud party to form the cabinet.can PKR givs sarawkians this security???????

    i certainly won want PKR headed by kasih depan belakang pusing t head my state(i don judge but this can distort our state affair further).i don think we sarawakians are so desperate dat we hav to look to such a party and i m sure dat we in sarawak hav a gud and capable leader to lead sarawak and a sarawak based party.

    i am sorry but i feel dat sarawakians should hav a gud party alternating the governing party/parties but certainly its not PKR.

    i mean its gud wat S.R did and wat baru did but a good thing need not be right for the state affair as a whole namely in the governance of sarawak.look we need a credible alternative party and lots of capable men.(not jus some political wannabe n thinking they can make a living out of being a politicians)

    its like getting rid of the devil but jumping to the pit of hell.

    Sarawakians are no fool….opinions may differ but sarawakians know how to votes n sent enuf M.Ps to parliament to a let the guys in k.l listen to us.

    well baru can stand in bengoh,if he wants to taste his popularity.

    al d best sarawakians….no to non sarawakians parties.i rather my own sarawakians based party n my home grown leader to led my sarawak based party.i m proud to be sarawakians.

    why not we sarawakians hav a party wer west malaysians can join,n we capture the seats n states in west malaysian.

    look at the SIB churches(a big one at philio damansara,Subang jaya etc) spring up in west malaysia,why not a sarawak based political party,now if baru led this i m al d way for him.

    i hav enuf of people thinking we sarawakians are blind in having a corrupt c.m n keep putting him in d position.i don wan to be control by non sarawakians.i wan my own sarawak based party,period.

  • babeh_kuran_nephew

    To all Dayak@Bidayuh. Taib Mahmud now are in deep trouble. Almost every country where Taib keep his money now are doing their investigation on money laundering. All his children Jamilah Hamidah Taib, Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib, Hanifah Hajar Taib are under investigation too. Many company and other company all over the world start to stop doing business with company associate with Taib’s family and cronies. Most of this company do not want to be investigate by foreign country. All Taib’s cronies are still working have been bribe. Hundred’s of transaction of money worth million’s ringgit have been done in foreign bank. Total amount of transaction near billions of ringgit.

    Note for Taib:-

    “If you can easily bribe anyone, or any cronies. Someone else will easily bribe them. Your money will never enough for them. Do you have enough money to bribe back all your cronies and business involvement when someone willing to pay higher price for it? This bribe worth 10 times of your business value. It start circulating from a business value RM1mill until hundred’s of million.”

    Please take note this.