Hidden Opulence

Hidden Opulence

2 Aug 2010

Nice Office

Following recent exposes about the lavish international properties which the Taib family have for years kept hidden abroad, Sarawak Report feels it is appropriate to also draw attention to the equally staggering opulence of their lifestyle in Kuching.

Through the keyhole

Most Sarawakians only get a glimpse of the luxury enjoyed by their modestly-paid Cheif Minister, for example when his Rolls Royce flashes by or he takes off in the Hornbill jet put aside for his personal use.  Therefore Sarawak Report would like to offer an exclusive inside view of just one office suite prepared for the use of Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib, the Chief Minister’s second son, for those occasions when he might be visiting Kuching.

Spacious for several important meetings at once

Gold leaf decor

Of course this is just the office of the younger son of the Chief Minister and, since he spends most of his time outside Kuching fufilling his dual roles as Member of the Federal Parliament and international businessman, Sarawakians shouldn’t expect it to be nearly as grand as, for example, his father’s own office.  But still not bad!

Mr Taib clearly favours heavy gilt decor and 18th century-style European furniture.  Sarawak Report would be interested to know the cost of furnishing these offices, including what is reported to be a highly valuable Islamic painting visible on the wall.  Such costs ought to be properly audited and made available for public scrutiny, as would be the case for example in America, Europe and elsewhere.  A detailed inventory showing what proportion of these furnishings belong to the State and which are personal ought also to be available.

Homes destroyed and land grabbed to make way for Taib's Oil Palm

Compare and contrast

We invite you to view the further pictures in our slide show at the top and contrast them to the homes of these Iban villagers whose houses were recently razed to the ground at the behest of the Chief Minister, in order to make way for yet another palm oil plantation handed to one of his business cronies.

This disgraceful act was carried out in defiance of a Federal Court ruling in favour of the villagers.  That ruling had clearly stated that land rightfully belonged to the natives and could not be appropriated in this way. But, after 30 years in power Abdul Taib Mahmud thinks he is above the law (he ignores it often enough).

There is one piece of good news in this situation.  Sarawak’s PKR opposition leader, the top Human Rights Lawyer Baru Bian, has been supporting these villagers in their brave struggle to save their lands and and he has managed to get a new court order to halt the destruction for now.  Should Baru Bian become Chief Minister as a result of the next election, he has pledged to put a stop to the rapacious land-grabbing by the Taib family and their cronies and to give back the land already seized from the people.

Time to build a new Sarawak?

Time for change

Sarawak Report therefore suggests that all Ibans should make sure they are registered to vote and that they only support political groups which have pledged to join PKR’ s opposition coalition – or better still vote for PKR itself!

At the moment this does not include James Masing, who continues to support the Chief Minister and the BN coalition which has done so much damage to Sarawak.

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  • manga

    ibans are not the poorest sarawakian. penans are the poorest! why not compare taib's family to penans?

    • SYAFIQ

      ibaneseee is the 2 poorest in sarawak..penans is no 1

      • James

        I am a sarawakian living overseas due to all this. I would like to help with funding and anything to stop this. This cannot go on any longer. But where to start? Ranting on this site is a start but we need to take action and get organised.

        • anwar(not ibrahim)

          hi bro..a little history..30yrs back i m very active in pbb campaigning for taib and i can count myself lucky (for not sharing the loots).(since then i survived myself thru thick and thin avoiding my friends in the ruling party who are mostly ministers now!)after a while i left quietly knowing that taib is making us believed he is the champion of all races,.but he committed a grave crime of broad day light robbery..billions of rm stashed in their empire bank accounts ready to rule sarawak forever as planned by his uncle.rahman yaakub.lets ring the bell,times up.im not and never will be a sympathiser of any partclar opps party,,but pls accept my handshake of frienship and tell the whole world of the misdeeds of our tyranny..taib doesnt love sarawak..we do..lets vote him out..

        • Ting Chiat

          Come back and vote for a better sarawak. That is what you need to do James. Isn't it easy..

      • Iban

        No Syafiq..malay sarawak's is poorest. Mark my word.

        • sapujagat

          Hi Iban & Syafiq,

          Couldn't agree with you more on that.Reality is that Malay…Sarawak Malay ordinary Malay of rural folks NOT the so called Wan/Syeed/Abang/Awang Malay whom always look down on another ordinary Malay without those surname, are the poorest.

          Whilst those all of you seen living in style of the rich and famous are eventually the hard headed Melanau-which happened to be Taib and his cronies.

          By the way,do you know why Taib's is such a bastard greedy tyrant?Its because the gene that he heritage.The breed of Lepeh-Melanau.

    • John S

      Few Questions for DAYAK People in Sarawak:

      1. Why Sarawak Dayak are so poor when they have the most land in the state? They are suppose to be the riches!!!What happens? What keep them poor & Who keep them poor? Thank about whether the present Leader like Mawam, Jabu keep the Dayak Poor, uneducated so that they can be controlled & manipulated for their own interest & to suppose white hair?

      2. Why the Dayak leaders keep their own people poor after more than 50 years of independence? Why they remain poorest? Why so many Dayak needs to look for job in west malaysia & Singapore?

      3. Who cheated the long house dayak and help them to remain poor?

      4. Many said DAYAK leaders like Jabu & Mawam, Masing are good leaders to help to keep the dayak people poor and uneducated? And to initimated them to suppose white hair.

      • http://none observer



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  • matmouse

    So excessive, it seems childish !

  • Burak Sem

    We Sarawakian are to make sure we will bring this old tyrant down in this coming Sarawak state election. No matter what it takes.

    We have enough of this dirty old monster who robbed his own people and left no bones. He live lavished life on Sarawakian properties for 29 years and he make sure Sarawakian are poor forever.

    We shall definitely will bring him to court and declare is assets and we Sarawakian in our wildest pledges to make sure Abdul Taib Mahmud will call the state prison is next home for the rest of his life.

    • Batista

      ll those bast*rds who acquired ill-gotten wealth, be careful, God will punished you and your next 3 generations.

      Vote Pakatan Rakyat in 13th General Election to form the next Federal Government. Confiscate all their ill-gotten assets and put them behind bar for life.

    • Anak Malaysia

      To bring down the BN, We must start early campaigning. The difficult areas are in the rural areas. The folk in the rural are easily influence by small gifts of money/ projects. This MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COST. Is there enough people going to the rural areas to present the truth at the moment?? Please START to get the rural people to know that we have been ROB FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS. Do it NOW, as election is just 2-4 months away.

  • The Oppressed


    He is worse than the dictators of Myanmar and Zimbabwe.

    The people of Sarawak should rise and show who the real masters are.

  • freq ghost

    Not only is it outrageous, but man, they've got really poor taste! I've yet to meet people who come with stupid wealth that have any appreciation of what constitutes good design.

    These spaces are hollow, shallow and clearly built on the backs of people who are left with little but their courage and determination to right the injustices they face from their own people!

  • http://www.yahoo.com ausjawa

    Follow the people's power like in Philippines to topple down Marcos rule for 20 years+, so we malaysian olih like.,., iban,kayan and all bumis to topple him down on next election.

    stop him… take the money he give u and think first, that money is not enough for the next 5 years so vote PKR OR DAP.

    • Anak Malaysia

      How to tell the rural folk to vote?? Some are not educated. Easily bought over by gift of money/projects. Someone need to GO TO TELL THEM THE TRUTH THAT WE HAVE BEEN ROBBED, before it is too late. Election is 2-4 months away. Organise a group of people to start meeting the rural folk NOW. KEEP TELLING !!!

  • kelingaji

    Wake up all sarawakian pls think of how to kick him out this time…

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  • Ibrahim Al-katak

    Unfortunately, with some tuai and a little bit of cash in hand the Barisan Najis will win over the heart of the rural voters every five year.

  • The Hague

    Stop whining and complaning here!


    i) Get friends/relatives to register as voters

    ii) Print this article and give to all the IGNORANT VILLAGERS all over Sarawak

    Don't be NATO.(No Action Talk Only)

  • pat ling

    Fortunately all these cannot be brought along with them when they face God at the end of the day. The Almighty has made it such that they come to this world with nothing and they leave with nothing. So they better enjoy all they can before they face the wrath of the Almighty.

    • Tony

      It's preposterous to encourage them to enjoy all they can, the ill-gotten wealth, before they face the wrath of the Almighty. They should, if they have the God given conscience, to repent and make amends by returning all that they have stolen from the people. Can't imagine if they start spending like Jo Low.

  • Tony

    Stop! Stop complaining. You voted him or rather BN into power for about three decades without even given a second thought. So?…….whose fault? He holds absolute power and control.


  • Iban boduh

    Dont Blame anyone else, blame those iban folk who still vote BeeEnd

  • http://[email protected] lolo

    the taib's assets should be confiscated and return to sarawakian. as for the abroad it should be transfer to sarawak goverment as state investments. for the monies he has robbed, either he pay all back or his whole taib's should go to state prison (like taiwan ex president).


    the above suggestion will not happened as long umno is in power.

  • pussycrab

    Sarawakian's jambi and curses are slowly taking effect on those evils!

  • http://rainstormz.blogspot.com Rainstorm

    Well, Taib / BN still helm Sarawak because the Ibans, Melanau, and other tribes still support them. They got themselves to blame for supporting BN. If only more tribe people is aware of what Pek Mo is doing, ie "raping" the natural resources from the people of Sarawak, i don't see there would be any changes to their fate / life in the next century !

    People of Sarawak, if you want to see changes, then you must do the right thing by voting PAKATAN RAKYAT comes next election ! The 1st step is : register yourself as voter if you haven't done so.

  • Flyer168

    "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" – Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

    "Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor" – Thomas Jefferson

    They are the "Traitors & the Lowest Scums" of our Race, Religion, Our Citizen, Our Nation and Mother Earth!

    If MAN does NOT WANT to WAKE-UP & NOT WANT to LEARN/UNDERSTAND about Globalisation, etc to take “Corrective” Steps…

    History will keep REPEATING itself & MAN will continue to be Sheeples aka Goyim!

    Yes, we are the suckers that allowed the System to create our nation's ills as well, so please wake up & get out of the Bolehland mindset to see the bigger picture!

    You be the judge.


  • adha

    Feel really bad about the state of the Sarawakians, especially the bumiputera natives who have been conned to the limit by the greedy CM and his cronies and his fellow ministers. Time for change, my Sarawakian friends. Winds of change are blowing towards the Semenanjung, don't let this chance slip to also blow away Taib's dynasty to eternity and bring the curtain down on Taib. Lets a new era begin in "Bumi Kenyalang"..

  • petestop

    Yet, Sarawakians still continue to vote for him and is the so-called fixed deposit for BeEnd.

    If you don't have respect for yourself, then don't expect ppl to have respect for you.

  • Ibanez

    Sarawakian should vote for SNAP. Dont vote others like PKR, DAP and PAS. SARAWAK for SARAWAKIAN to rule. Hell with lepeh…

  • Ibanez

    Iban to rule sarawak since we are majority….idup bansa iban…..others can wait 100 more years…

  • marcusg

    The biggest mistake Sarawak did was to join Malaya to form Malaysia. 2nd mistake, keep this old vampire for so long…

    Good riddance to rubbish..

  • My2cen

    These & earlier pictures should be printed in a 'compare & contrast ur homes vs Taib's' and the pictorials sent to all Sarawakians. End it with a line 'A vote for Taib is a vote to rob the poor – defend your land and homes, vote for Pakatan'

  • Ioulut Biat

    His black magic too strong perhaps!

  • headhunter

    we need new leaders…I'm sick of their games!

  • talk2marines

    So much been said around the blogs. Have we been feed with all the actions, status or rather an update from the ground on what have been / needs to be done?

    Appreciate if someone out there can share with everyone the views, feedback, response, positive reaction from corner of the rural populace.

    Getting sicked, disappointed, frustrated and angry at Mamud Taib will lead us to no where folks but the waiting game plan of the S-Election remain to be seen.

    Yes, we all need new leader, credible honest and caring too.

    Bring the State BN DOWN this time….!!! Solute to all whom has been the good deeds to fight for citizen's right. Keep the fighting going – the battle is half won!!


  • http://SarawakReportOrg. Lucy

    All races are affected by the plunder of our country's wealth. Take evidence, like photos etc.of their assets and properties, local and foreign, show to every chief of each respective district. Send by post as well to the most remote area. Everyone is responsible for our future. Take action now! Truth triumphs! God bless our land!

  • Indahme

    You should extend your coverage on Sabah Chief Minister and tell us something we don't know.

  • Justice Required

    Show No More Mercy to this Barisan Perompak and Najis, Taib is worst and far worst than Najib, Bring Taib Down in the Sarawak State then Najib in the Federal. Let them eat shit and hunt down their ill gotten gain properties and throw them to jail. Make sure the properties are all accounted for after the State Election.

    It is rumoured that the State Election is after the Hari Raya and probably the disolution of the State Assembly will be made on the 10th October 2010.

    This is something special for him to be voted back to power, let him stay alone in the DUN Sarawak surrounded by the New PR Minister and the Chief Minister as well.

    He will be alone and only opposition in the Dewan and he wil knows how high is the sky by then, if he has ever a ball of himself to face the PR Government.

  • BeachBeaver

    Need a new government that has the will to make government servants accountable. Like seriously.

    Expect violent reprisals from these people. They have the money.

    We need the will. But how many of us is willing to go down that road ?

  • Iban Majoriti

    No to Pakatan but YES to local oppositions like SNAP, PCM and STAR….me and friends will vote for SNAP, PCM or STAR or independent only but if they join PR then might as well we dont vote becoz sarawak interest comes 1st…not keen to support Semenanjung base Party… How i wish that SNAP, PCM and STAR form their own opposition pact instead of jadi kuda for semenanjung parti…

    CM is just like previous Singapore Chinese President LEE KUAN YEW (who rule longer than Taib) still in power til today (as senior minister) and make major desicion making and make all previous and current President his puppet until today eventhough he is no longer President.

    Idup Bansa Iban….Maju Iban…

  • Iban Abroad

    Sarawak Report,

    If our report to MACC is failed, Is it not possible to report Taib corruption and MACC non response to Majlis Raja-raja, UN, Ambassi of USA, UK, Canada, New Z and Aussie where Taib property are hiding?

    Or we plan for signature and street demo?

    Or we are still waiting the action from MACC and enjoy our self to establish Taib corruption for the purpose of reading?

  • TheRakyat

    BN must be brought down …HARD !!!

  • Mohd Din

    I'm from the remote place, we voted for BN the last 35 years and next election we'll still vote for them and please don't keep blaming us, 99% of us are ignorant of what you guys are talking about so, how can we dislike the BN ? Every 5-year term we get at least a few thousand ringgit 'grant', when divided among the villagers, will come to about RM50/each… but who else give us money like that ? So people say knowledge is power; power to change… but if one is ignorant what else can he do? If the present system is that pathetic why can't someone bother to come and tell us. We are the ignorant king-maker and as long as we remain ignorant we'll be the ignorant king-maker.

  • Sarawakian

    Most comments sums up to the rural folks(esp the older uneducated generaion) are easily bribe by BN. The younger ones had access to Cyber world & can learn the truth.

    How to educate & expose all those interesting articles revealed by SarawakReport? For a start, why not compile these interesting info into a VCD with native language explaination & distribute them to the rural folks? Those in the urban area can donate their excess/unuse VCD players & TV togather with the disc will helps. I'm sure this will win over more votes for opposition.

  • sick n tired

    At least all the article need to be made available in bahasa and iban. So all the kampung, ulu and rumah panjang folks can easily understand the content. hardcopy can easily printed out for them to read and/or explain by younger n more educated generation among them.

  • Taik Mammud & Fa

    So what???? its your wish that i became CM. You voted for me to rob you in return…..LOL… i tested the water to retired and some idiot with plain idiocy and a lots of dungu still supported my day light robbing…..LOL…

  • Rentap

    Once he is no more in power. Full audit and thorough investigation should be initiated against Taib, his family and his crony. We should leave no stones unturn.

    As a leader entrusted by the rakyat to take care of the state he should not get involve in business nor abuse his position. Its clearly shows his children are taking advantage of their father position in the government.

    We all know why the macc is not prosecuting. It will be suicide for BN. macc will only prosecute those higher up which will not effect BN house.

  • rh

    Pity him….pity him…pity him, HIDUP TAIB…..VOTE FOR HIM, VOTE FOR HIM………VOTE HIM OUT…so that he still hidup bila dipenjara….He cant even decide whether to step down, so VOTE HIM OUT.

  • Jho Low

    What office? I thought that was the living room. Meh.. this office makes my kitchen hall looks like a grand pallazio. Pity you poor people.

  • Tahi Mammud & Ga

    Its time for sarawak to make the right choice this time. TahiLalat&Gang must be axed to make way for others. Let all Tahi's cronies axed, Jabu, Mawan, Masing, Manyin, and Chan who are sitting beside him now drowned in their sewage that was planned by them. If they dont, let the people of Sarawak hires expendable mecenarries to destroy them once and for all. Ngap Sarawak.

  • kamal

    OMG.We from West Malaysia didn't know of this Rajah.Terible guy.How old is he anyway?Bravo sarwak report.If you throw this guy in the rejang river the crocs will spit him out.He is too poisonous even for the crocs.

    He will end up like suharto..

  • http://Yahoo OrangUlu

    WHAT A SHAME. Look at us in the rural Ulu! Our houses are really terrible – shacks, sulap, unpainted longhouses. Compared to those mansions ooo..oh what a pity. CAN'T THE GOVERNMENT OF BN HELP US!! for how long can we wait for mercy…? I am really flabbergasted by this complete contrast of things in SARAWAK. With the continued high cost of living, we are getting more poorer. Sarawakians of the DAYAKS should wake up and put this thing RIGHT. NOW IS THE TIME! LET US ALL GET UP AND RIGHT THE WRONG!!VOTE BN OUT COME THE NEXT ELECTION … that is coming very very soon. Get our young people registered to vote. Tell our old folks to vote a NEW government of the people by the people. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

  • http://none observer




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  • Maggie

    This the wake up call for all oppressed Dayaks. The time has come. Tell your father, mother, brothers,sisters… the very important day is coming. This time we fight like the Legendary Rentap once again. FIGHT!!!